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First Look: Wentworth Miller on LAW & ORDER: SVU

September 2, 2009 by  
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On the September 23rd season premiere of LAW & ORDER: SVU, PRISON BREAK star Wentworth Miller will finally play a guy on the right side of the law.  In his one episode guest stint, Miller will take on the role of Nate Kendal, an NYPD cop who crosses path with Benson and Stabler when he […]

Scoopage: Wentworth Miller Confirms Season 4 of PRISON BREAK

PRISON BREAK star and all around eye candy, Wentworth Miller, recently spent some time in Israel. While he was there he supposedly told a gaggle of reporters that PRISON BREAK will indeed be back for a fourth season, and that they start shooting at the end of the month. Miller went on to say that […]

Wentworth Miller Speaks…

October 1, 2007 by  
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TVGuide.com recently spoke with PRISON BREAK star Wentworth Miller about the current season of the show and where he thinks the brothers may end up some day. Don’t you think it’s about time I get to interview Wentworth Miller?  Yeah, I think we need to have a little one-on-one time sometime soon.  Did you hear […]

PRISON BREAK Season 3 Premieres Tonight (Spoilers & Pics)

The following contains spoilers for tonight’s season premiere of PRISON BREAK. It’s time to break out of prison again…quick, does anyone know a good tattoo parlor inside a Panamanian jail? PRISON BREAK returns for its third season tonight at 8/7c on Fox and once again Michael Scofield finds himself behind bars – but this time […]

2007 Tater Top Awards from E!

It’s once again time for E! Online’s Tater Top Awards. The only awards given by the fans (well there are those People’s Choice Awards but those suck).  So Kristin, Korbi and Jen from E! have created enough categories to keep you busy for sometime. Check out all the categories and the nominees below.  GMMR’s favorites […]

Eye Candy: Wentworth Miller Modeling Pictures

July 30, 2007 by  
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I just came across these swoon-worthy pics of Wentworth Miller doing a little modeling for Bean Pole pics.  When is PRISON BREAK coming back again? I guess I should be the one to find out, right?1  I’m going through Wenty withdrawl. Sweet dreams ladies. For more pics, check out JustJared.com

Prison Break Recap: Sweet Caroline

Title: “Sweet Caroline” Original Airdate: March 5, 2007 GMMR Recapper: Michelle The name of this episode is “Sweet Caroline.” I guarantee that once you see the episode, you’ll never again sing the Neil Diamond song with such sweet abandon as you did only a few hours beforehand. Trust me. C-Note C-Note is saved from his […]

Prison Break Recap: Chicago

Title: “Chicago” Original Airdate: February 5, 2007 GMMR Recapper: Michelle Once again, this show provides some of the most quotable lines on television. Plus, I’m going through the five stages of grief with Kellerman (even though he’s not dying), and we get some hot and heavy locomotive action with Michael and Sara. Yep, this episode […]

Veronica Mars and a Shirtless Logan Tonight

I was hoping to write a headline that would grab your attention. Remember when Logan sans shirt was a treat we were only privy to every once in a great while? Yeah, I’m glad that TPTB over at The CW have come to embrace Jason Dohring and his body just as much as I hope […]

Prison Break Recap: “The Message”

Title” “The Message” Original Airdate: January 29, 2007 GMMR Recapper: Michelle  This show has some of the most quotable lines on TV. Some teaser quotes from tonight’s episode of “Prison Break”: – “My dad used to drink.” – “Find a storage unit full of Arabs! I don’t care!” – “Hope is for people who do […]

Prison Break Recap” John Doe”

I have to admit, I was a little bummed when I read the Entertainment Weekly write-up of “Prison Break” this past week. Bummed because the magazine said that this season is not as tense or as good as last season, what with our boys on the run and not confined behind the walls of Fox […]

Prison Break is Back (GMMR Sneak Peek)

January 22, 2007 by  
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This post contains minor spoilers for tonight’s episode of Prison Break…you have been warned. Michael Scofield and his band of merry men (well at least those still kickin’) are back tonight on Prison Break (8/7c on Fox) after a too long mini-hiatus. I was lucky enough to catch a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, and […]

Wentworth Miller Down Under

Nah, the joke is way too easy, so I’m not even going to go there.  Instead I’m just going to share these nice, wholesome pics of Wentworth Miller enjoying the holidays in Australia.  Wentworth’s sister lives in Aussie land so he went to visit her for the holidays.  Of course, it wasn’t all family and […]

TV Stars Sing, Sing a Song

Everyone’s got a talent. Unfortunately for some of us, that talent is hidden…I mean really hidden. But for some of our favorite TV stars their talent has been there all along. Maybe it’s not front and center on their shows, but maybe it should be. Take a look and listen as some of your favorites […]

Prison Break Recap: “The Killing Box”

Title: “The Killing Box” Original Airdate: 11/28/2006 Felt weird to watch the “Fall Finale” of “Prison Break” right in front of my Christmas tree, but I’ll take Michael Scofield and company any way I can get ‘em. Even if in front of a fake pine tree. So, after the intentional car crash, Mahone has Lincoln […]