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James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, and Juliet Landau are among the BUFFY vets returning.


Is Baze’s bar going under? Is he looking to make a little extra cash for Lux’s college fund? Not sure, but what I can confirm is that ex BUFFY actress, Emma Caulfield — whom BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 fans will also remember as Susan — has joined LIFE UNEXPECTED and will be playing Baze’s boss at […]


What’s a new TV Talk Podcast without a little singing, short-term memory loss and a lot of inappropriate laughter? That’s right, we’re baaaaack! In this podcast we’ll cover: CHUCK, GLEE, LIFE UNEXPECTED, GREEK, PARENTHOOD, AMERICAN IDOL, UGLY BETTY, MODERN FAMILY, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, SUPERNATURAL, 30 ROCK, PARKS & RECREATION, THE OFFICE, PROJECT RUNWAY, SURVIVOR,THE AMAZING […]

Project Buffy: Mission Accomplished & Top 5 Tearjerkers

Update: After just posting that video of Tom Lenk, it got me thinking about BUFFY. So here’s a blast from the past – this was originally posted last March, but it’s not a bad thing to talk BUFFY once a year, right? -March 2008- Done and done. I set out on a mission to watch […]

Tom Lenk Says “Gimme More”…Ok

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As many of you know I was a late comer to the Whedonverse. It was just over a year ago that I popped in my very first episode of BUFFY. A month and a half later I had consumed all seven seasons, and I was better for it. If you were following “Project Buffy” at […]


This just in from The Paley Center… The Paley Center for Media announces the long-awaited DVD release of its 2008 PaleyFest Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion panel. The DVD captures the once-in-a-lifetime reunion event presented live on stage before a sold-out audience in Hollywood. [GMMR: I was there!  Woo hoo!] A decade following the series […]

Angel vs. Booth – The Great Boreanaz Debate

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There wasn’t a new Bones episode this week so we’re going to take the opportunity to discuss a very important matter. Namely – ANGEL vs. BOOTH. I’ve heard that David Boreanaz doesn’t really like talking about his flair, but I have no problem doing it, and I hope you don’t either, because this one is […]

TV Talk with GMMR & Ducky: Podcast #25

Preparing to sit in a ton of traffic this holiday weekend?  Make sure you download the TV Talk Podcast.  We are known for making long car rides that much more enjoyable.  And if you are a fan of SYTYCD, then you can sit in a ton of traffic because we have another podcast just for […]

Project Buffy: Top 5 Episodes

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The response to PROJECT BUFFY has been overwhelming…in a good way. It seems that long time BUFFY fans are still enjoying talking about their favorite show even years after it ended. As a relative newbie in the BUFFYverse, the number on question I get is “what was your favorite episode?”. It’s a scary question because […]

Still Paley-ing Along in L.A.

I know you may find this very hard to believe, but there’s been two TV bloggers in this hotel room since Friday and the TV hasn’t been turned on with the exception of a few minutes on Saturday morning. Bizarre. Ducky and I have caught a few minutes here and there on my Slingbox, but […]

Got Questions for Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Friday Night Lights or Buffy?

On Friday I’m heading out to LA for week full of TV fun at Paley Fest ’08. I’ll be attending some sure to be incredible panels. It’s a TV lovers dream as I’ll be front and center with the casts of Pushing Daisies, Chuck, and Friday Night Lights. Sadly, it turns out that I don’t […]

Project BUFFY Update

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For those of you interested in the latest on Project Buffy, I’m happy to report that I’ve finished Season 4 and I’m on to Disc 2 of Season 5. I have until March 20th to finish all seven seasons. The amount of episodes I have still to watch is rather intimidating, but fear not, I […]

TV Podcast #20: Reality is Not LOST on Us

While the strike may be over, we are still weeks away from most of our favorite shows returning to the air in limited new episodes. In the meantime we are saddled with a ton of reality shows like American Idol, Big Brother 9, Survivor, and Project Runway. Don’t worry though, we still have plenty of […]

Project Buffy: A Buffy Newbie Takes on the Slayer

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I always vowed that when it came time to shut down GiveMeMyRemote.com for good that the very first show I would watch from start to finish would be BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER.  As I stated in ‘Confessions of a Buffy Newbie‘, the WGA strike afforded me the opportunity to indulge in the show a little […]

TV Podcast #19: LOST & IDOL Return Plus Much More

The WGA Strike continues well into the Day 90s so the television landscape is like no winter we’ve seen before. Kath and I are back to talk about Lost’s return as well as the return of American Idol. It’s TV Podcast #19! Also on the agenda are Friday Night Lights, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, […]