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A LOST Revelation??

January 21, 2006 by  

Here’s a little something for all you Lost fanatics out there.

In this past week’s episode, during Jack’s flashback, they show him looking at the X-Rays of the man he is going to operate on. If you have HDTV, you might have noticed that the X-Rays have a date on them. November 16, 2005. What?! Huh?!

So were the producers of Lost trying to give us a little hint as to the Lost timeline or was it just an oversight by some PA who is about to get fired, Trump style? I’m hard pressed to believe that anything on Lost is accidental. They are too good for that. But if that date were accurate, then we have to believe that the plane crashed on the Island of Doom sometime in the future, right? But how far into the future are we talking? A year? A week? A month? Damn you Lost people…like we don’t have enough to ponder already!

If you missed the ep you need to get caught up ASAP. Check out the Lost recap by our very own, world famous recapper, Fatback.

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