Watchlist: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 - Give Me My Remote : Give Me My Remote

Watchlist: Wednesday, February 21, 2007

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222222222_1Friday Night Lights – I Think We Should Have Sex
The Panthers claw their way deeper into the playoffs. Off the field, Julie shocks Matt by telling him that they should make love (someone’s been hanging with slutty Tyra too much)—but numerous fumbles ensue when Matt works to find the right time and place for the special moment.

111111111111111_1LostStranger in a Strange Land
As Jack and the Others engage in a power play, Juliet’s future is hanging in the balance; Kate, Sawyer and Karl (Blake Bashoff) continue on their flight from “Alcatraz.” (Note: Last week’s episode of Lost is on at 9pm tonight. Good news for people like me whose TiVo didn’t record the ep)

Jerichopremieresoncbs20060905053322374 Jericho  – The Day Before
Prepare yourself for a long winter. Jericho is back with eleven new episodes, new characters and a whole slew of new troubles for the townsfolk!


The Knights of ProsperityOperation: Panic Room
While Jagger’s away, the Knights will play! Though, to be fair, there isn’t much space in Mick’s panic room in which they trap themselves so “play” may not be entirely appropriate. New York City news anchor Ernie Anastos has a cameo.  (I only know who that guy is because we ran into him in a hotel elevator once and McCabe got all excited…LOL)

222222222_1American Idol
Last night it was the Top 12 males performing. Tonight’s it’s the Top 12 ladies. Next week – world domination. You think Fox ever consider a 24-hour American Idol channel? I bet they have.

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