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Watchlist: Monday, May 21, 2007

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It’s kind of depressing to realize that after this week all my favorite shows will officially be on hiatus for the next few months. Thank goodness that some of the new summer programming looks so promising. I’ve been flooded with DVDs of the screeners for the summer shows (seriously I can’t even see my dining room table) and I’ll be sure to let you know soon what I’ll be watching this summer.

MeeVee Recommends24 – Season Finale
Day 6: 4:00 A.M. – 6:00 A.M.
The sixth season concludes with a big two-hour episode. Cut off from Josh, Bauer fights to thwart a Russian attack on a U.S. base in central Asia. As long as the bomb doesn’t go off in a commercial break, everything should be alright.

MeeVee RecommendsHeroes – Season Finale
In the first season finale, the heroes all converge in New York for the big bang. Peter and Sylar face off; which of them will explode? Who will survive? Will the cheerleader save the world?

MeeVee RecommendsThe Bachelor – Season Finale
The season ends with Andy choosing his bride-to-be after taking Bevin and Tessa to meet his family in Pennsylvania, and to Hawaii for final dates.

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