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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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You’ve made it to the half way point of the week.  Give yourself a round of applause.  And while you’re already clapping, give it up for my folks, Moms & Pops GMMR, who are celebrating their anniversary today. Congrats!

Before we get into tonight’s TV lineup, a few housekeeping matters.

TV Catch-Up: Still trying to get caught up on the TV I missed earlier in the week.  If you haven’t seen it, this week’s TRUE BLOOD review has been posted.  In the interest of time, Dan and I talked MAD MEN on the latest TV Talk Podcast which will be posted later today.  Still hoping to get to AMERICA’S BEST DANCE CREW tonight.  And I didn’t forget at all about my report from the Boston leg of the GLEE tour.  Lots of fun pics to share as well as video from the event. I’m going to keep on truckin’ so stay with me!

IE Users: It’s recently come to my attention that the home page of GMMR looks a bit wonky on IE. As I’m on a Mac I haven’t noticed the issue.  First, let me apologize. Had I know I would have been on this sooner.  It’s tough for me to try to figure out what the problem is, but I’m going to try to get on an IE soon and figure out what might be going on.  If you’re having this problem and have any sense about when this started happening, please drop me a line at info(at)givememyremote(dot)com. If you could also send the version of IE you are using it would be great.  And if you could spare a screenshot, you’d be a rock star!

About Last Night…
Forgive me for sharing this non-TV/personal info, but I’m still on cloud 9 here and I’m not coming down anytime soon.  Last night Ducky invited me to a screening of a new film “50 Dead Men Walking” starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Jim Sturgess.  The movie was fantastic and you should go see it when it opens in your city soon. It’s a wee bit violent, but such is the life of the man the movie is based on. Anyway, the star of the film, Jim Sturgess was at the theater and did a little Q&A session after the film.  Later in the night I got a little meet and greet of my own. If you’ve never seen “Across the Universe”, stop what you’re doing and go rent it.  Jim is amazing in the role which showcases his unbelievable voice. He’s completely swoonworthy in person. Here are a few pics from last night. I’ve got a bit of the crazy eyes in the picture with him and I, but thems are the breaks!

Ok, wait, we are here to talk about tonight’s lineup, right? My bad.  Let’s do this. A few highlights…

Ghost Hunters | 9pm on SyFy
“Inhuman Entity”
A Massachusetts home is probed, resulting in what appears to be a spectral attack on Jason. [GMMR:Y’all know I don’t do these ghost shows.  They freak me out.  And I’m especially not watching if they are finding ghosts in Massachusetts!!]

Top Chef: Las Vegas | 9pm on Bravo
“Sin City Vice”
It’s viva Las Vegas when 17 fresh chefs infiltrate the gambling mecca to compete in culinary challenges in the Season 6 opener. Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Toby Young return in their series roles.[GMMR: The show doesn’t end until 10:15pm so set your DVRs accordingly. Come back tomorrow for SB’s take on the premiere episode.]

Top Chef Masters | 10:15pm on Bravo
“Top Chef Master”
The final three chefs call upon memories from the past to create a four-course meal; the winner is announced.

Leverage | 9pm on TNT
“The Top Hat Job”
The crew squares off against a corrupt corporation that has been marketing tainted food. The scheme team has a trick up its sleeve: They put on a faux magic show in an effort to slip through the corporation’s tight security.

Dark Blue | 10pm on TNT
The team tries to take down a criminal ring that launders money through diamonds; Ty makes inroads with a club owner interested in a diamond heist; Dean and Jaimie pose as a married couple to make a connection with a fence.

On the late night couch…

  • The Late Show with David Letterman: Mike Myers, Ken Burns
  • The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien: Meryl Streep, Judd Apatow, the Fray (R 7/27/09)
  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Dane Cook, Peter Travers (R 6/12/09)
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live: Katherine Heigl, David and Shaun Cassidy, La Roux (R 7/23/09)
  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Betty White, Opie & Anthony, Martha Wainwright (R 6/11/09)
  • Chelsea Lately: Marlee Matlin, Jo Koy, Kevin Hart, Whitney Cummings
  • Last Call with Carson Daly: Kevin McKidd, Brett Dennen (R 5/13/09)
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Tim Gunn
  • The Colbert Report: Ang Lee

Clearly I just highlighted a few shows on TV.  Many, many more to choose from.  What are YOU watching tonight?


2 Responses to “Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, August 19, 2009”

  1. Kimber on August 19th, 2009 10:22 pm

    Happy Anniversary Moms & Pops GMMR! Hope it was a great day for y’all.

    Kath – can’t wait to see your pics from the GLEE tour. GLEE! I am developing the biggest crush on Matty Fresh, and am anticipating some of his performances on the show!

  2. Forts on August 21st, 2009 12:40 pm

    Odd timing! I just watched across the Universe this week! For the third time of course. 🙂 It’s a great movie.