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HUGE: Gina Torres on Dr. Rand and Her Issues

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Between ANGEL, FIREFLY, ALIAS and, as of last season, guest spots on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and GOSSIP GIRL, TV fans have known GINA TORRES for quite some time. But in ABC Family’s new drama, HUGE — which takes place at a fitness camp for overweight teens — TORRES is tackling a role that we haven’t really seen her in before.

Playing the counselor in charge, Dr. Dorothy Rand, her character is dealing with some personal and emotional issues as troubling as any of the kids under her care.

GIVE ME MY REMOTE got a chance to chat with Torres on the subject…

What is up with Dr. Rand?!
Gina Torres:
Oh, gosh, Dr. Rand, she’s a complicated little nut. I love her, because she’s so strong, yet fragile. You know, clearly, she’s in charge of these kids and wants the best for them. She believes in what she’s doing, she believes in the message that she’s bringing forward. But like so many, she’s good with other people’s lives when her own life is a mess. And she recognizes that she’s not where she wants to be and that’s her fragile [side]. She wants to exact change in her own life, but she’s a little bit stuck.

She’s given her formerly-estranged father a job at the camp, but she can’t bring herself to tell her mother. She seems so troubled. Do you think she has anyone to talk to?
: I think she finds all interpersonal relationships a little challenging. When you have so many walls up, it’s hard to really get close to somebody, to reveal all of yourself, because ultimately, you’re scared because you don’t feel safe.

How do you think she’s able to guide the campers when she, herself, is on some shaky ground?
Because she knows she is! Because she recognizes so much of herself in them, because she was them once upon a time. She’s all grown up, but there’s still that very insecure, 17-year-old girl — heavy girl — that has a say!

“Has a say”… love that. Now, will we see her struggle through her own issues this season? Will there be a journey?
Yes, I’ve been very pleased with what you get to see of Dr. Rand and her interior life, her struggles and what’s going on with her. It’s a very interesting journey.

Last thing, I have to ask, might we see you back on GOSSIP GIRL and/or VAMPIRE DIARIES again?
We’re [nearing the end] of shooting [the first 10 episodes of] HUGE, so after that, who knows, who knows. It’s a terrible thing what happened to me on VAMPIRE DIARIES! But everyone who’s a fan of the show assures me that if I can come back on any show, that’s the one that will allow me to bounce back from a missing heart! And I think Vanessa needs her mom [on GOSSIP GIRL]. I think Vanessa absolutely needs her mom to come back and set some things straight.

You can do it all.
Why not! Why not.

You’ve got a good thing going in this TV business.
It’s not bad, not bad at all. Yeah, I’m feeling very fortunate.

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