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GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)’

February 11, 2011 by  

Well hello, GREY’S ANATOMY fans! This week’s episode wasn’t the most exciting – in fact, several characters were either barely in it or altogether absent – but there was still plenty to recap, so here goes…

First up, we have Callie, poor pregnant Callie, who wants nothing in the world except a cup of coffee. Mark and Arizona have other ideas though, like healthy dinners and green smoothies that taste as bad as they look…and a complete ban on coffee. They battle it out with Callie the entire episode until finally she gets fed up and gives a big long speech in which the phrase “vagina vote” gets used more than once, and basically states that she’s going to eat whatever she damn well pleases since she’s the one who has to pop out a baby. Mark and Arizona back down, because really, how can you argue with someone saying “vagina vote”? Callie makes a small compromise to at least eat the broccoli that Arizona made – as long as it’s accompanied by a peanut butter sandwich.

In addition to taking care of Callie, Mark is also trying to reconcile things with Lexie. Since Lexie isn’t as interested in talking to him as, say, blowing him off, he resorts to other measures…like bribing Jackson with cool surgeries in exchange for finding out whatever he can about her. This may be an idea Mark will live to regret. Lexie opens up to Jackson over peanut butter cups because Mark told Jackson she loves peanut butter cups and holy crap why is there so much peanut butter in this episode??? Related question: why is there NO peanut butter in my apartment to fulfill my sudden craving? Really, GREY’S, what are you trying to do to me here?

Anyway, as I was saying, Lexie opens up to Jackson over delicious, mouth-watering peanut butter cups and tells him everything that’s going on with her, including how she dumped Mark because he’s having a baby with Callie (news to Jackson). She pours her heart out, and before you know it, Jackson’s got that Look in his eyes and decides he might not be interested in helping Mark after all. Furthermore, by the end of the episode Lexie is giving Jackson that same Look – after all, the guy just spent the whole day paying attention to her and listening to her problems. And Lexie has plenty of problems to talk about  In addition to her situation with Mark, she’s also got to deal with her father being in the hospital. Turns out he’s just got kidney stones, but Lexie’s more upset by the woman at his bedside who’s half his age. Lexie throws a fit, but oddly enough it’s Meredith who calms her down and tells her that if their father is happy, then Lexie should be happy for him. Meredith doesn’t really seem to have problems this season; she just helps everyone else with their problems.

In fact, the most Meredith has to deal with in this episode is choosing which study to be a part of – the Alzheimers study, or a study on diabetes that was her mother’s idea. Chief Webber finds the diabetes idea scrawled in one of Ellis’s diaries, and asks Meredith to be a part of making her mom’s vision come true. In the end, Meredith decides to stick with Alzheimers. Her mother may have cared about diabetes, but Meredith cared about her mother, and wants to help cure the disease that killed her. Meredith tells Chief Webber that he should do the diabetes study himself – after all, he knew Ellis better than anyone and is therefore the best person to bring her ideas to life.

And finally, we have Alex, who is doing what he does best – pissing people off. This time it’s Dr. Lucy Fields, the OB/GYN we met last week who’s taking care of Callie. Alex manages to aggravate her by referring to a stillborn baby she just delivered as a “turnip”, although he impresses her with the passion he demonstrates for his own case, a baby that needs a heart transplant. By the end of the episode, Lucy has changed her impression of him – though not enough to accept when he asks her out for a drink. Still, there’s that Look again. I’m interested to see where this peanut butter goes. Er, storyline. Damn it, there has to be peanut butter somewhere around here…

And that’s all, folks! What did you think? Would Lucy and Alex make a good couple? What about Lexie and Jackson? And will Mark, Arizona, and Callie continue to get along as one big happy family or is there trouble brewing ahead? Put your thoughts in the comments section below!

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