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THE OFFICE Clip: Do the Scarn

February 18, 2011 by  

Are you ready to “Do the Scarn?”

This week’s episode of THE OFFICE thrust us into the world of Michael Scott’s long-in-the-making epic spy adventure film THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT, and it was a legendary adventure. (You can read GMMR’s review of the episode here.)

Along with great guest appearances by beloved characters from years past (welcome back, Rashida Jones!) and dashing action sequences, the episode also produced…a new dance craze?

“The Scarn” is Agent Michael Scarn’s signature dance, and according to the official website for THREAT LEVEL MIDNIGHT, “It’s gay, it’s straight, it’s black, it’s white, it’s young, it’s old — it’s for everyone!”

The dance has easy steps to follow:

Jump to your right, and shake a hand

Jump to the left, and shake THAT hand

Meet new friends, tie that yarn, and that’s how you do the Scarn!

(Repeat as many times as necessary)

Here’s the clip…

What do you think? Will you be “Doing the Scarn” on the dance floor?


THE OFFICE: Threat Level Midnight

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