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Who Went Home on AMERICAN IDOL?

April 14, 2011 by  

Was it another shocking elimination on tonight’s AMERICAN IDOL? Did yet another girl leave the competition? Did Stefano finally go home after hanging out in the bottom three for what seems like forever?

Sorry to go all Seacrest on you, but you’ll find out….after the break.

So let’s get to the results.

Tonight the silver chairs of doom welcomed three IDOL wannabes: Stefano, Haley and Paul. Probably the three people that most would have guessed would have been there, no?

Breaking the streak of female singers going home, Haley was the first sent back to the safety of the couch.  Joining her next was Stefano. That left Paul all alone at the bottom and out of the competition.

Given his unique musical sensibilities I’m surprised (and glad) Paul made it this far.  He had a good run and IDOL fans will see him on tour this summer, but for now Paul’s turn on IDOL is over.

Was Paul the right IDOL to go home tonight?  If not him, then who?

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