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NURSE JACKIE’s Peter Facinelli on the Return of Coop’s Lesbian Moms, Marriage and More

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If you’ve been watching NURSE JACKIE since its glorious first season, you know that the well-meaning but often dim-witted Dr. Cooper has two pretty interesting moms.

Blythe Danner and Swoosie Kurtz played the committed lesbian couple that raised Coop and, on this Monday’s NURSE JACKIE, his mommies return — to announce their imminent divorce.

Unfortunately, Danner was busy doing another project during the filming of this episode, so her role had to be recast. Luckily, Judith Light was able to step in.

GIVE ME MY REMOTE spoke with Dr. Cooper himself, Mr. Peter Facinelli, about the storyline…

So, Coop’s moms are back!
Peter Facinelli: Yes. Whenever I get to interact with my moms on the show, it’s fun. I’m glad they brought them back this season. Blythe was unavailable at the time, but Judith filled in and really knocked it out of the ballpark. She was great.

Sadly, however, they return with the news that they’re splitting up. How does Coop take it?
PF: Coop doesn’t take it very well. You know, Coop is like a man boy — I always kind of think of him as a 5-year-old trapped in a man’s body. And in true Coop fashion, he deals with it in a bit of a kid-like way, and it sort of spirals him into a depression — which, for me as an actor, it was kind of hard to watch him go through that. He’s so happy-go-lucky all the time and now he’s in like a catatonic funk. In these next couple episodes, he’s really depressed and that started to depress me too.

Aww. How long will this last?
PF: It goes on for awhile. Until he finds a way to climb out of that hole. In Coop’s mind, the best way to overcome his broken family is to start a family of his own and so he goes in search of a wife. I mean, he wants to get married tomorrow.

Well, we know that Jackie’s out of contention.
PF: Yeah, he’s had to move past her. She’s kind of rejected him and when he found out she was married, it kind of let him off the hook. In his world, it’s like, that makes perfect sense. He thinks, that’s why I was rejected!

Can you tell us anything about the lucky lady that he does end up courting? Is it someone we already know or a new character?
PF: It’s a new character that’s coming in. He uses his social media tools in order to find the best prospects for him. He thinks facebook will help him find his perfect wife.

Yikes. A disaster waiting to happen?
PF: Well, you’ll have to tune in to find out. But, yeah, that’s his arc this season. He gets the rug pulled out from underneath him, he falls into a depression and then he climbs out of it by trying to find a family of his own and, in his way, that’s him trying to grow up. But he’s maybe growing up in all the wrong ways.

Oh, Coop.

Can’t wait to see it.


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