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HART OF DIXIE: Claudia Lee Teases Magnolia’s Troublemaking Ways

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As if there wasn’t enough trouble in Bluebell, tonight’s brand new episode introduces viewers to Magnolia, Lemon’s younger sister.

To get some hints on what’s to come with the youngest Breeland, I talked with Claudia Lee (Magnolia) about her character’s relationship with her sister, Zoe, and much more…

What can you share about Magnolia’s introduction to viewers?
Claudia Lee: Well, Magnolia is definitely a troublemaker. She’s a Breeland, so she has that kind of Breeland streak running through her blood. But, I think, really, she is not the typical Southern belle. She’s not so prim and proper, like her sister, Lemon, is. And she really fights for what she believes in and wants to get her way.

And how does she get along with Lemon?
CL: You know, I believe, like any sibling rivalry, they butt heads a little bit.

Is it obvious or are they more subtle about their butting of heads?
CL: Oh, trust me, it’s obvious. We’re Breelands — it’s going to be obvious. I’m joking, but it is obvious.

Does she have a boyfriend or any extracurricular activities?
CL: Well, yes, Magnolia does have a boyfriend. His name is Frederick Dean, and there’s a lot of love triangles on the show. Rose Hattenbarger is trying to steal Frederick away from me, which is not okay with Magnolia — at all. And, you know, yeah, you’re totally right: Magnolia is a Breeland, so she definitely is keeping busy. And, you know, doing the whole Breeland thing, you know, gossip, gossip, gossip. [Laughs]

Well, Lemon does have a fairly sizable secret, given her relationship with Lavon. Does Magnolia know her sister’s past with him, and is that something Lemon’s going to need to worry about?
CL: You know, I really don’t think Magnolia’s quite aware of the relationship that she has with Lavon. And, you know, I think maybe she has a little bit of a feeling. Maybe she sees that something’s up or something. But I really don’t think she’s quite aware of it.

Do you think if she found that out, she’d be one to tell everyone?
CL: You know what? I really don’t. Knowing Magnolia, I think she would be totally shocked in the beginning and probably a little disappointed in her sister, but I don’t think she would go around telling everyone. I think the Breelands like keeping their history very clean, and they like being known for being great people. And I think Magnolia would not go passing that rumor around because, she’s a Breeland. She wants to look good.

That’s fair. So, what kinds of clothes does Magnolia get to wear? Are they completely out there?
CL: Oh my gosh, you are so right. The costumes are amazing. They dress me in the most cutest stuff ever, and I have to say, I’m a little jealous of Magnolia’s style.

Is it similar to Lemon’s clothes?
CL: Oh, it’s completely different from Lemon. That’s kind of what makes her not the typical southern belle. She is very, very out there, but she’s definitely not like her sister, Lemon.

Good to know. What’s her relationship like with everyone else in the town?
CL: I think in this episode that you will see Monday, her relationship with everyone in the town, I think it’s a little bit perceived in the wrong way, I would say, because of what happens in that episode and how Magnolia portrays herself. And, like I said, Magnolia is a troublemaker, so I guess people kind of already know she has “Trouble” as her middle name. [Laughs]

But Zoe might not know that, considering she’s new to town. Is Magnolia going to be causing some trouble for Zoe?
CL: You know, Zoe may not know that, but I think Zoe kind of has a hint, a hunch a little bit because, she is Lemon’s sister, so the Breelands…it’s kind of two rivalries against each other. We have Zoe and Rose, and then we have Lemon and Magnolia. And you know what? I think Magnolia is on Lemon’s side, but I really don’t think she has much of a strong hatred for Zoe as Lemon does.

That would probably drive Lemon crazy if Zoe and Magnolia ended up being friends because she would feel like Zoe is taking everything away from her.
CL: You are exactly right, and it’s kind of funny because I was saying how Magnolia isn’t the type of girl who would dress like Lemon. So maybe there is something going on there. Who knows?

I know you’re releasing your first album early next year. Have you gotten the chance to sing on the show yet?
CL: You know what? I haven’t gotten the chance yet, but I would be totally excited if I could. That’d be so awesome. That could be her hidden talent or something.

Considering they get to do all these quirky things in Bluebell, you’d think one of these days they’d have a talent competition or something like that where they would need you to sing.
CL: Well, we do have a Christmas episode, and there is…you know Bluebell — we go big. There is a lovely holiday pageant, so you never know.

You never know. And are you there for the Thanksgiving episode?
CL: I am not, which is really sad. But I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of Magnolia.

Well, that also might be telling about Lemon’s relationship with her sister if she’s not seeing Magnolia on such a family-oriented holiday.
CL: Yeah, you know what? You may be right.

How many episodes have you done so far?
CL: I have done two so far, and I have just got word that I’m going to film another one, and they’re thinking about other ones, too.

Very good to know! What’s been your favorite part about doing this role, aside from the amazing clothes?
CL: Oh, well, I think two favorite things that I love about this role and working on HART OF DIXIE is first, the amazing people that I get to work with and how much fun I have working with these people. I mean, working with Jaime King (Lemon) and Rachel Bilson (Zoe) and Tim Matheson (Brick) and everyone else, it’s just so refreshing, and it’s so awesome to be a part of such an amazing cast and such an amazing show that it’s just a blast working on. And playing Magnolia is really a lot of fun. I get to be a little bit of a drama queen, and I get to be a troublemaker who doesn’t like to go by the rules.

Nothing wrong with that.
CL: Oh nothing wrong with that. I have so much playing Magnolia. She is just a really fun character to get in depth and just to have fun with and just go places with her.

Is there anything you hope you get to do in your future episodes that you haven’t had the chance to do yet?
CL: Well, I think it’d be really awesome if I could sing on the show. That’d be something really fun. And I just think more outbursts and more drama. I think that’s the best for Magnolia cause she is just like a fly on flypaper when it comes to drama and juicy details and stuff like that.

Then she’s going to fit in great with these characters. They cause all sorts of trouble.
CL: Oh yeah. I mean, come on — it’s Bluebell. It’s such a small town that word gets around, right?

One little piece of trouble, and then she’ll have that reputation for the rest of the series…
CL: Oh my gosh, yes. And I just think Magnolia is definitely going to be a great character in Bluebell.

HART OF DIXIE airs Monday nights at 9 PM on The CW. Will you be tuning in tonight for Magnolia’s debut?

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