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NIKITA: Maggie Q Previews the Winter Finale

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NIKITA ends its 2011 run of episodes with tonight’s brand new hour. And if those words weren’t enough to induce a slight panic for television lovers, when series star Maggie Q (Nikita) sat down with a group of reporters recently, she told us the episode will have a “tighter little hold on the fans’ hearts.”

Uh oh.

First of all, it seems Owen’s return will have some interesting ramifications for the fractured Michael/Nikita romance. (As you may remember, Michael is currently off playing house with his ex and their kid as Nikita continues on without him,)

“Here’s the thing that I like,” Q said. “Nikita and Michael, there’s this very adult problem [they’re facing] and I like the problem. Kudos to Craig and the writers for creating something that wasn’t cheesy that like, ‘Oh, he looked at another woman’ or she, whoops, slept with someone else, which happens on soaps and stuff. But it can’t happen on our show, because the integrity would be lost, so it has to be something he couldn’t control, that he didn’t ask for, that she can’t fix — which is maddening for someone who is in control, normally. The adult thing to do for Nikita is to not deny him the experience that she knows he is craving, because it is something he lost a decade ago. And that’s so sad. Because you can say ‘Don’t go to her and don’t go to him and don’t feel that way and don’t feel that sense of family and have those things that you want,’ but can you really do that? You can if you’re an a–hole. But you really have to be an adult. You have to say, ‘You’re not really mine unless you want to be here 1000% percent. And if you still have dreams of a family and dreams of all that, I can’t give that to you right now; that’s not something we can do.’ And it really is up to Michael, really, because she loves him, but he’s really by rights, really confused by this emotional experience he’s having.”

“That being said, you know when you have that struggle with someone and it’s always been struggle, struggle, struggle?” she continued. “one of my story ideas with the writers was when Owen comes back, I need him to do things that Michael never does for her. The little things — Michael doesn’t take her to dinner, Michael doesn’t make a bath for her, because it’s all work all the time because they have this cause. So I had these little ideas…and there’s this lovely scene when she wakes up and she walks in and Owen’s made breakfast for her…and she’s just kind of shell-shocked. And there’s this amazing scene, where she’s like, ‘This is good, it’s actually good. You can cook.’ And in his Owen, innocent way, he’s like, ‘What does Michael make for you?’ And she doesn’t have anything to say because the reality is, they don’t make that time for each other. So you know when you’re in a situation with someone who you love and they can’t and haven’t done things for you that you need, and the danger of that is now being someone around who is. And Owen has said in earlier episodes, he also wants out, which is something Nikita wants, too…So they have that in common, as well, which is interesting.”

But just because Owen and Nikita are bonding, don’t think his alliance with Gogol will go unaddressed in the midseason finale.

“She confronts him about that in the episode, too,” Q laughed. “Which is very funny because you get to see Nikita mad — and not just stoic mad, but like, WTF, caps, caps, caps. Like, ‘Owen, dude, this is the organization that wants me dead and you’re BFFs with Ari?’ But there are some great scenes in that episode, because I feel like Owen has always been the guy who has asked her the right questions and has allowed her to emote in a way. He’s always been that person. And what I love about his relationship with her is he’s not trying to be a cheeseball and he’s not being a perv, he’s just being himself. What I love in episode 10 is that it’s hurting her, because if he was hitting on her, it would be easy to go, ‘Ugh, what an idiot.’ But he’s not. He’s just being something, in the moment, that she needs and that’s kind of painful for her.”

And while Michael has had limited screen time as of late, Q hinted he might not be so happy when he hears what his estranged girlfriend is up to.

“He’s going to actually see Nikita and Owen together,” she teased. “But also knowing that Nikita’s point right now is that she’s looking for a black box. She lost her leverage; she did it for Birkhoff and it was worth it, but it is all business to begin with, but then it’s like, ‘I’m uncomfortable with the idea of you being alone with this guy.’ And it’s like, I’m uncomfortable with you being with a woman and this kid! And we may find out that Sandra is not as sweetness and light as we might think.”


Will you be tuning in to the winter finale of NIKITA, tonight at 8 PM on The CW?

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