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Tonight’s TV Spotlight…Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Seriously, REVENGE? You leave us with a huge cliffhanger and then take a week off? Even Emily Thorne wouldn’t be so cruel. Hopefully my favorite ABC comedies, including THE MIDDLE and MODERN FAMILY, can get me through the night.

Look below all of your TV options this Wednesday!

Survivor | 8pm on CBS
“Total Dysfunction”
Castaways jump off the deep end in an Immunity Challenge that requires a delicate balance. Meanwhile, a group of misfits band together, finding an unlikely leader.

Whitney | 8pm on NBC
“Mad Women”
Trying out a new shapelier bra, Whitney gets more than she bargains for when she entices Alex with her enhanced look. After Roxanne calls it quits with Lance, she asks Mark to help pack up his stuff, but things become complicated when Mark decides to take advantage of the situation. Meanwhile, Lily and Neal begin discussing a pre-nup, but the conversation leaves them wondering if they should even get married.

American Idol | 8pm on Fox
“Final Judgment, Part 1”
Contestants try one last time to impress the judges, singing for their lives to prove who deserves to make it to the next round. For some, it’s the end of the road, but for the first group of semifinalists whose names will be revealed tonight, the next part of the journey is about to begin.

The Middle | 8pm on ABC
“The Sit Down”
Axl, Sue and Brick call a sit down meeting with a shocked Frankie and Mike, accusing mom of being a nag and dad of giving out crazy punishments without ever hearing their sides of the story. In return, all they ask is for a chance to do what they’re supposed to do – on their own – without constantly being harassed by their parents. But the kids learn to be careful what you wish for when Frankie and Mike agree to their terms and find themselves taking a relaxing break from responsibility.

One Tree Hill | 8pm on The CW
“Last Known Surroundings”
Haley seeks help from Lucas (guest star Chad Michael Murray) as Nathan makes an escape attempt. Brooke comes face-to-face with Xavier. Juliain uncovers evidence that assists Dan in his search for Nathan. Clay makes a connection with another patient.

Are You There, Chelsea? | 8:30pm on NBC
“Dee Dee’s Pillow”
When Dee Dee confesses to Chelsea and Olivia that she has a pillow named “Mario Lopez,” Chelsea can’t keep it a secret. Feeling badly about betraying her confidence, Chelsea tries to make it up to Dee Dee by arranging a meeting with the real Mario Lopez. Meanwhile, Melvin decides it might be time to date again. He enlists Rick and Todd to act as his wingmen and takes them to an interesting club where he has befriended one of the performers named “Sandy.”

Suburgatory | 8:30pm on ABC
“Fire with Fire”
When Jill turns to the newly single Dallas for inspiration and support, her marriage to Noah goes on the rocks. Meanwhile, Dallas begins spending a lot of time with her hot younger boyfriend, Yoni (guest star Wilmer Valderrama), which causes tension with George, and Dalia befriends Lisa to get back at Tessa for dating Scott Strauss – so Tessa decides to take action and recruits Kimantha to make Dalia jealous.

So much more. Keep reading…

Criminal Minds | 9pm on CBS
“A Thin Line”
The BAU team investigates a series of brutal home invasions and murders in California’s Inland Empire that appear to be gang-related, but their investigation may uncover a more sinister motivation.

Modern Family | 9pm on ABC
“Virgin Territory”
It’s a day of disturbing realizations when Mitchell manages to ruin one of Jay’s proudest golf moments, Phil overhears something that may forever change how he sees his little girl, and Gloria stumbles upon Claire’s dangerous little secret.

Remodeled | 9pm on The CW
“Sending the Wrong Image”
The Network’s new superstar, Meghan, has booked a new watch campaign, but it involves working with a male model. Can Meghan feel comfortable enough with her new male partner to keep this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity or will her inexperience ruin her chances? Elsewhere, Paul heads down to Hermosa Beach, California, where a persistent but misguided agency owner has begged for an opportunity to work with The Network. Will Paul be able to get her to change her ways or will he pass on letting this agency into The Network?

Happy Endings | 9:30pm on ABC
“The Butterfly Effect Effect”
Some people wait for the groundhog to signal the end of winter. Instead, the friends wait for Brad and Jane’s annual “spring smackdown,” their yearly blowout of a domestic squabble, to let them know when Max will come out of hibernation and when winter will end.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation | 10pm on CBS
“Stealing Home”
When a house is stolen completely off its foundation, the CSIs are on the case in search of answers. Meanwhile, new CSI Julie Finlay showcases her skill in blood analysis.

Law & Order: SVU | 10pm on NBC
“Hunting Ground”
Detective Benson and Executive ADA Haden’s (guest star Harry Connick Jr.) romantic weekend is interrupted by news that an underage prostitute has gone missing. As the SVU detectives dig into her disappearance, they find a pattern of several missing escorts who all posted ads on a popular newspaper’s website. The line between Benson and Haden’s personal and professional lives starts to blur as the squad races against the clock to find the girl before it’s too late.

Royal Pains | 10pm on USA | 3rd season finale
“This One’s for Jack”
Hank struggles to accept Jack’s illness. Elsewhere, three youngsters keep Hank on his toes as they attempt to make daring home videos; and Evan joins Boris’ cousin to look into an experimental treatment.

Top Chef | 10pm on Bravo
“Fire and Ice”
A tag-team battle includes culinary support from Asian masters. Later, a fire-and-ice theme inspires the chefs when they concoct a dish and a cocktail.

The Soup | 10pm on E!
A weekly recap of various pop culture and television show moments of the week. The show is hosted by Joel McHale (COMMUNITY), who provides sarcastic and biting commentary on the hottest celeb news events and goofiest reality clips.

Face Off | 10pm on Syfy
“Alien Interpreters”
The artists make aliens based on sketches by Patrick Tatopoulos; two contestants face elimination.

Also playing…

  • Rock Center with Brian Williams | 9pm on NBC
  • 20/20 | “Before They Were Famous, with Robin Roberts” | 10pm on ABC
  • The Real World/Road Rules Challenge | “Crazy in Love” | 10pm on MTV

What will you be watching?

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