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SUPERNATURAL: Sera Gamble Previews ‘Out with the Old’

March 16, 2012 by  

SUPERNATURAL is finally back!

The brothers haven’t been having a particularly easy year, but when we pick back up with them in tonight’s brand new episode, they’re tracking down…possessed ballet shoes?!

“The way we get into this episode is old school for us,” executive producer Sera Gamble teased. “They catch a case that sounds interesting to them and to Dean it sounds fun because ballet dancers are involved and he’s interested in that. He’s seen BLACK SWAN, that sounds cool to him. It just seems like a real classic mystery for them — cursed objects gone awry. Of course, once we get into it, we give it a left-turn twist.”

Given that the CW’s official tease for the episode says that after Dean touches the shoes, “the power of the curse starts to take hold of him,” should fans be expecting some fancy footwork from him?

“You have to tune in to find out,” Gamble laughed. Hm…

While the CW series has long balanced comedy and darker subject matters, Gamble confirmed that despite the seemingly lighter tone of the episode, they do touch upon some of the more serious topics at hand.

“There’s certainly some pretty serious moments and a couple of reveals that I’d categorize as fairly dramatic in the episode,” she noted. “But it’s also a very funny episode.”

Perhaps those serious moments will come thanks to a certain devil on the younger Winchester’s shoulder? After all, after months of resisting Lucifer’s presence in his mind, Sam finally caved during the last episode.

“Yeah, we do touch upon it a little bit,” Gamble said. “When Sam was looking for Dean in the previous episode and Lucifer was bugging him in his head, there was this moment where Sam responded to him, and for us, that was a big moment. Lucifer has been kind of bugging Sam for a long time. that was the moment for us when Sam really let him in. And there are consequences to that. It took a lot for Sam to get his ducks in a row, mentally and psychologically, and he had a high-stakes reason for making that decision in that moment but there are consequences.”

Make sure to come back to Give Me My Remote next week for more from our interview with Gamble!

SUPERNATURAL airs Fridays at 9 PM on The CW

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