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RINGER Recap: ‘It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!’

April 11, 2012 by  

Before I begin recapping this week’s episode, let me begin by saying that my last recap of RINGER may have been a bit too harsh.

Sure, I’ve lost most of my interest in the show and think it needs some major work if it returns for a second season, but I have to remember one thing: RINGER is first and foremost a soap opera, and I can’t keep taking it so seriously.

In my defense, the show took itself too seriously for most of its first season, but it has begun to have some fun and let the crazy out — so I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Speaking of crazy, Catherine really lost it this week. After poisoning Bridget, she set up the apartment to make it look as though our favorite twin committed suicide: She typed up a suicide note, put an unconscious Bridget in a running tub of water and scattered an amazing amount of pills everywhere.

There was even a scene of her practicing her surprise reaction to the news of Bridget’s death; this is the type of fun RINGER should’ve been having all season, and I’m glad to finally see it.

Catherine leaves to make it look as though Bridget committed suicide while she was gone, but she ends up having to go back into the apartment to find the hitman’s cellphone. The phone has fallen underneath a chair, but Catherine can’t find it – even though she was able to find it in Bridget’s shoe months earlier.

Andrew comes home during all of this, and even though Catherine tries to keep him away from the bathroom, water coming out from underneath the door tips him off that something isn’t quite right. He pulls Bridget out of the overflowing tub just in the nick of time and gives her CPR.

Bridget regains consciousness, but before they can celebrate, Catherine pulls a gun on them.

As she holds them hostage, she devises a plan that she and Andrew would seem as though they were running away to Cancun together, but Siobhan finds them and kills Andrew and herself in a fit of rage.

In the meantime, Victor is on his way to the apartment when the police stop him. The head detectives finally figured out Victor isn’t exactly following his suspension orders — what with breaking into a suspect’s home and all — so they’re sending him back to Wyoming.

Victor insists that Siobhan isn’t safe near Catherine, and shows them the fingerprints to prove it. Drama! Two federal agents are sent to the apartment, but of course Catherine makes sure that Andrew and Bridget keep their mouths shut.

After the agents leave, Catherine ties up Andrew and Bridget with duct tape. Juliet comes home after running errands and getting gelato (hilarious), and understandably gets upset that Catherine is threatening to kill her dad and awesome stepmom — no matter how much Catherine tries to convince her “angel” that she’s doing the right thing.

As Catherine holds them all hostage, she makes a phone call to none other than Olivia, her secret lover. I honestly did not see this coming, but I enjoyed the twist.

It turns out, when Andrew kicked Catherine out of the apartment six weeks ago, Catherine went to Olivia’s to stay. Olivia took her in, and after some flirting and wine, they sleep together. Catherine tells Olivia about the failed hit on Siobhan, and even though she seems to regret it, Olivia convinces her to make it happen.

Back in the present, Olivia is none too pleased that Catherine has gone off the deep end and even tells her that she’s on her own now. Catherine gets even more upset, telling Olivia, “This is not how you treat someone you love.”

During this phone call, Bridget gets Juliet to grab the cellphone from underneath the chair. It’s a miracle the phone has any battery left, but they are able to call Victor and hide the phone, so Victor’s able to hear everything.

From this phone call, Victor finds out where Olivia is staying, so he goes there (I have no idea why he wouldn’t just go to the apartment, but oh well). He makes Olivia call Catherine and convince her to meet her where she’s staying. Catherine wants to first finish business, though, but Bridget convinces her to take her with Catherine and leave the others.

Once they get to Olivia’s, Bridget somehow gets away from Catherine and into the house. Victor is there with Olivia, and once she sees that Olivia’s betrayed her, she pulls the gun on her. Bridget’s able to knock the gun out of Catherine’s hands, and Victor arrests her.

As for Siobhan and Henry, who are arguably the slowest part of RINGER, they finally get some good luck when the maid suffers from a heart attack and dies. With her testimony gone, Henry is pretty much off the hook — for now, anyway.

Most importantly, though, Siobhan has her twins (girls, natch). I’m guessing she didn’t name one of them Bridget. She and Henry seem to be happy, until Henry asks the doctor for a paternity test. What’s this? Henry is actually standing up for himself? Has hell frozen over?

Other observations:

  • Juliet usually has the best lines, and tonight was no exception: Upon hearing Catherine on the phone with Olivia, she says, “Is mom saying she and Olivia were ‘girlfriend’ girlfriends?!”
  • I loved how Catherine said she was tired of being a doormat by every guy she meets. Um, hello? Have we so quickly forgotten Mr. C, the guy who wanted to run away with you, but you used as a doormat? Just sayin’.
  • I actually enjoyed this episode, and dare I say it, am looking forward to the season finale next week. Bodaway finally finds Bridget, and I want to see if Siobhan and Bridget come face to face. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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