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FRINGE: Jill Scott Teases Her Guest Spot in ‘The Human Kind’

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In FRINGE’s final season, the big guest stars have (so far) been kept to a minimum. But the one exception comes in tonight’s episode, “The Human Kind,” when singer/actress Jill Scott makes a special appearance.

“She’s a quiet warrior and she’s sort of an oracle of someone who can foresee the future,” Scott told reporters about her character, Simone. “There is an integral part of Olivia’s quest, and Simone has direct knowledge of that — although I won’t say knowledge, she has an intuition about how to help her on her quest…Simone is an emoter. She’s a quiet, strong-willed, focused in a sense maybe even a freedom fighter. She’s a big part of the resistance…She works and she’s a hustler, too. She makes ways to finance her community.”

And while FRINGE showrunner J.H. Wyman had told me that Scott was a big fan of the show prior to her guest spot, it seems he may have actually downplayed a bit of how obsessed she is.

“Well, at first I asked for it,” Scott said of landing a role on the Fox series. “FRINGE is one of my favorite television shows from its inception. I absolutely love all of the science fiction of it, the mystery of it, the science in it. The characters are wonderful and so rich. Walter, of course, is my absolute favorite, and I had met with pretty much every television broadcast company in America.  I kept saying these are the kinds of shows that I want to be involved in. I just put the word out there and, of course, I asked for it.  I believe in saying things out loud, and I [wanted to be on] FRINGE.”

Of course, getting to guest star on the final season of the series is a bit bittersweet.

“I wish it wasn’t the final season,” she told me. “I’m really upset about that. It means a lot to me [to guest star], just simply because putting those kinds of requests into the universe and having it come back to you is again is another confirmation personally.  The show and the quality of the show, the writing is splendid.  The vocabulary is just delicious. I mean anyone that enjoys X-FILES or shows like that where you’re on the edge of your seat and you’re so invested in these characters for any one like me who’s grown up watching STAR TREK and X-FILES and reading Edgar Allen Poe and enjoying the darker side of things as well as the light, this was a dream come true.”

But that’s not to say she doesn’t have one tiny regret about her guest spot.

“I wish I wanted more powers,” Scott noted. “I mean to be able to see into the future is pretty incredible or to have an intuition about things like that is pretty awesome. But I definitely wish I had something growing out of me.”

Scott’s episode of FRINGE airs tonight at 9 PM on Fox.


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