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GOSSIP GIRL Series Finale: The Big Reveal and Other Thoughts

December 18, 2012 by  

[This post contains spoilers for the series finale of GOSSIP GIRL.]

For years, the GOSSIP GIRL voice-over taunted us with “And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell,” but in Monday’s series finale, the titular life-ruiner gossip gal was finally unmasked.

Or, make that gossip guy: Dan Humphrey revealed he had actually been the one to create the website persona. The entire reveal — and the reaction of people from New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg, surprise cameo Rachel Bilson (who was on GOSSIP GIRL co-creator Josh Schwartz’s first baby, THE OC), Kristen Bell (who did GG’s voice-overs for the run of the series), and a few former characters (oh, hey Vanessa!) — was one of my favorite sequences of the entire series.


Does Dan being Gossip Girl make sense? Probably not. While his reasoning in-show made sense-ish, there are already a ton of social media sites that are poking holes in continuity. But you know what? I don’t think I care. At this rate, everyone would have these continuity issues (it’s a shame the writer didn’t figure out who GG would be from the start to avoid this, but alas), and it genuinely surprised me. (Again, in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have been surprised. Dan’s being doing a version of this for years.) And if it had been Dorota, I just would have been sad she was so terrible to Blair. Yes, I do realize how terrible Blair has been to her, but someone needs to be good in this mess.

A few other thoughts on the series finale…

  • For as crazy/ridiculous/borderline terrible as some of this past season has been, I am just so happy I found enjoyment from the series finale. Were some aspects ridiculous? Sure. But the show was campy fun and even the things that made me roll my eyes felt a bit fitting for these characters.
  • It’s really a shame both weddings were spoiled during the filming of the episode.
  • It’s actually a little sad how little time was dedicated to the Blair/Serena friendship in the series finale. Their relationship was one of the most complex ones of the show.
  • If you find me randomly laughing over the next week or so, it may be because I remembered that Rufus ended up with LISA LOEB.
  • Less funny? Lily ending up with William, who spent most of the season sleeping and scheming with Ivy. Ew. That’s barely an improvement over Bart.
  • I don’t know whose idea it was to get Bilson to cameo as herself trying to audition for the role of Blair (as based on Dan’s book), but what a freaking delightful surprise.
  • I almost wish Bell had been the one to reveal GG’s identity since she voiced the character for so many years, but I enjoyed the show went from her directly into Dan’s monologue about why he did it.
  • I am looking forward to watching the show again at some point and picturing DAN doing the voice overs.
  • By the time the series ended, I’m not sure I really cared about Dan/Serena or Blair/Chuck, but at least it felt…fitting? Though who would have thought Serena would have such a low-key wedding? (And where was the half-brother she shares with Dan? Would he have been too awkward to have at their wedding?)
  • Georgina Sparks and Jack Bass are GOSSIP GIRL’s answer to DAWSON CREEK’s Doug and Jack. (And I mean that in a good way.)
  • ETA: I forgot to mention, poor Nate ended up alone. Again. Always.

Enough from me…what did you think? And will the words “XOXO, Gossip Girl” ever make you not laugh now?

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