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GLEE: Jacob Artist Previews ‘Sadie Hawkins,’ ‘Cute Moments’ for Jake and Marley, and More

January 24, 2013 by  

GLEE is back!

The Fox musical hasn’t aired an original episode in 2013, but the series returns tonight in a big way: a Sadie Hawkins dance!

“It will be our Sadie Hawkins dance, so the girls will be asking the guys,” GLEE star Jacob Artist (Jake) teased to me. “It’ll be a little bit different than any of the dances we’ve seen on the show so far.”

Potentially complicating things? The Jake-Marley-Ryder triangle.

“A definite triangle happening,” Artist teased. “[But] I think you’ll get see in our episodes coming back there’s a lot of exploration in Marley and Jake’s relationship. I think there’s going to be a lot of cute moments for those two.”

If Artist had his way, though, he’d like to see Jake and Marley (or Jarley, as GLEE co-creator Ryan Murphy dubbed them) move a little more firmly into making things official.

“I think they kind of had that spark initially and first instincts for me are very strong and very powerful, so I think they mesh,” he noted. “I think they go well together and balance each other out. They’re very yin and yang. They’re a cute couple. They’re pretty cool.”

As for the other big relationship in Jake’s life, Artist said there haven’t been any additional Puckerman brother scenes.

“We haven’t shot anything else yet, but I hope [we’ll see that again],” he said. “I think that relationship is so cool and it’s something I feel like GLEE has never really had — a big brother relationship. So I’m hoping it goes forward.”

One thing the show will be tackling is the latest batch of seniors — Artie, Tina, Blaine, Brittany and Sam — heading towards graduation.

“A little bit,” Artist confirmed. “I think that’s a really great point that the seniors are going to be graduating and we’ll definitely be touching on that. After they graduate, what’s next? I think McKinley has opened up his eyes to many great friendships, and I think for the first time, it’s helping Jake feel better. So it definitely will affect him.”

But perhaps that will lead to some memorable musical moments for GLEE.

“There are some really great, stripped down, acoustic, piano versions of some really big songs that are really popular right now,” Artist teased. “I think people will like them.”

Looking forward, Artist does have a few things on his wish list for the rest of the season.

“I would really, really love to dance.,” he said. “Get some intricate choreography, maybe with Heather Morris. I think that would be really fun…[and] I’ve been listening to Frank Ocean. I love his music, it’s so great. So fingers crossed for [me to sing] some Frank Ocean.”

GLEE airs Thursdays at 9 PM on Fox.

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