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THE CARRIE DIARIES: Freema Agyeman Teases ‘Read Before Use,’ Finding Out Carrie’s Secret, and More

January 27, 2013 by  

Carrie Bradshaw’s introduction to New York takes a very interesting turn when Larissa brings her young protégé to an, um, unusual art club in Monday’s brand new episode of THE CARRIE DIARIES.

“Every time I get a new script, I open pages with nervous anticipation and excitement, thinking, ‘Where is Larissa going to be, what is she going to be doing?'” Freema Agyeman (Larissa) told me. “Because it’s always got to be something that contrasts Carrie’s home life and shocks and entertains and opens [Carrie’s] eyes to a whole new existence…It happens to be that [particular] backdrop in episode three.”

Because of the nature of the scene (and the storyline), the cast had a bit of fun with the prep and filming of the hour.

“And we really laughed through the read-through — we always have a table read for these episodes, and I do remember that one in particular, everyone was falling apart laughing,” Agyeman said. “I don’t know how many times you can say ‘vagina’ in how many different contexts. We all felt like it became normal by the time we were shooting, but it was kind of pleasantly shocking. It was a lot of fun, and so if that’s what Carrie is in New York to discover — which is the real world, the underbelly, and all the different colors: the good, the bad, the ugly, all of it — it means she’s going to have a wild ride. I think what’s nice about having a show to have in that sense is that she’s this young girl going through so many things and changes in a very adult world and how she deals with that.”

Agyeman teased that what goes down in Monday’s episode, “Read Before Use,” isn’t even the most extreme situation Larissa finds herself in this season.

“Um, no,” she laughed. “No. Every episode has something, but I’m probably particularly thinking of episode four. There’s always going to be something else. But I don’t think Carrie ever feels in danger or feels corrupted. She’s a sensible girl and she could always walk away. But I think with Larissa, it’s always titillating and it’s fun, fundamentally, it’s fun. And I think Larissa respects Carrie enough and thinks she’s intelligent enough and thinks she’s an adult enough to expose her to these things and to respect the decision she’ll make. But we do see her at the end of episode three getting a new respect for Carrie being able to stand up on her own two feet. So Larissa will continue to expose her to things, but Carrie ultimately has a choice.”

And while Carrie is currently hiding who she really is from Larissa, that secret won’t stay quiet for long.

“That does get addressed in the middle of the [season],” Agyeman teased. “And the more I get to know Larissa, the more I think the way she reacts is right. Whether I thought she would react like that when I first met her is a different story, but as time goes on and we get to know her a little more, and we learn more about what makes her tick — she quickly collects people, but she quickly can drop them, too. She isn’t one to do anything or have anyone around her she doesn’t want. So she deals with it in an appropriate way…it is given consequence, I think, because it really is quite a big thing. And I think the very fact that Carrie’s there already in New York has led her to think she and believe she’s an adult; there’s no reason for her to think otherwise. Let’s just say it shall be dealt with.”

As for what’s coming up, Agyeman pointed to the fourth episode of the show (airing Monday, February 4th) as one of Larissa’s bigger hours.

“Sorry, I have to be vague, but I’m getting the opportunity to play a part I find so liberating as far as I’ve never really played anyone who is that big, that into everything in life,” she explained. “Just enjoying things. And she’s very loose in so many ways. It’s a real learning curve for me, too, as an actor to kind of just be relaxed and all of that. So episode four and what goes on there is the biggest episode for me so far.”

THE CARRIE DIARIES airs Mondays at 8 PM on The CW.


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