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FALLING SKIES: Noah Wyle, Drew Roy, and Sarah Carter Tease the Season 3 Premiere

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It’s been nearly ten months since FALLING SKIES was last on our television screens, but the TNT series is finally back with a two-hour premiere tonight. And when we first see our heroes in season 3’s opening hours, viewers will learn a lot has changed.

“Between the seven months that have passed — because we always open up the show with a huge something that is going on, a big battle — we’re going to see Hal [and] it’s going to look like everything’s fine,” Drew Roy (Hal) told reporters on the show’s Vancouver set late last year. “I think a lot of people might even think, ‘Did they forget that something happened to Hal?’ He’s fighting with the 2nd Mass and everything looks like it’s good.”

Alas, things aren’t always how they seem.

“It’s not until we get back from the mission — I’ve been up on a Hummer shooting one of the 50-caliber machine guns — and a guy has to help me get off of the Hummer because I can no longer walk,” Roy teased. “Hal’s paralyzed from the waist down. Originally he was paralyzed from the neck down. At the end of last season he couldn’t move until he got up and did the thing because of whatever was going on. So that opens up a whole can of worms of whatever all comes along with that.”

For the people surrounding Hal, they offer varying amounts of support for the latest round of troubles he’s going through.

“Tom is now the President, so he’s not really there to help me through these things,” Roy explained. “I can’t take care of myself because I can’t get around. And even more so in the beginning because I could not literally move. So Maggie is really taking on that relationship and we’ve turned into an old married couple: she’s seeing the ugliest, worst side of me, and yet is still sticking with me. At the same time, there’s a push-pull on all the effect this has on her.”

And while taking care of Hal is certainly a toll on Maggie, Hal’s condition isn’t the only possibly straining occurrence in her life.

“The main thing for Maggie is that [being stationed in] Charleston represents getting back to normalcy,” Sarah Carter (Maggie) noted. “For Maggie, normalcy is foreign, and actually terrifying.”

As Maggie struggles with her new life, both Tom and Weaver will be adjusting to their own shifts that have taken place over the past seven months.

“I would say there’s been a bit of a transference [between Tom and Weaver],” Noah Wyle (Tom) teased. “Where [my character] was trying to be the voice of reason and put family first, and [Weaver] was the more militaristic, ‘We’ve got to take them and fight, fight fight.’ And now because Jean, his daughter, is now part of the group, he’s got a stronger sense of home and family then ever before, and I’m more estranged from mine than I’ve ever been before because I’m so [tied down] with responsibilities that in a way, we’ve switched roles.”

But how long will that last? That’s to be seen…

FALLING SKIES premieres tonight at 9 PM on TNT. And make sure to check back next week for more scoop on what’s to come!

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