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Thursday night TV! Let’s talk about what went down…

THE BIG BANG THEORY: I really appreciate and love how the show is slowllllllllllly letting the Sheldon/Amy relationship grow. It would make perfect sense the two of them might have issues working together (and that Sheldon might be oblivious), and that it could spread to the whole group. (Howard, you idiot.) But it’s also great that the show is kind of forcing Sheldon to acknowledge he isn’t always totally right and it shows (in Sheldon’s very special way) that he cares for Amy. I don’t particularly need Sheldon to be in a romantic relationship, but I like that the show is allowing growth in a character that very easily could have remained stuck in time.

PARKS AND RECREATION: Aw, Tatiana Maslany was cute on the show. Tom’s storylines can sometimes be hit or miss for me, and while he was totally cringe-worthy at times, their storyline worked. And how sad it is that people just don’t appreciate Leslie Knope?? I don’t know how I’d react if she worked in my town government, but I’d hope she’d be treated better than our Leslie is. (P.S. – How freaking rich is Ron Swanson???)

ONCE UPON A TIME IN WONDERLAND: Episode 2 was perfectly fine, but my goodness, they need to get the effects under control. I’m not a VFX snob at all, but half of the shots were actually distracting from the show itself, and that is not great. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it all/find another way to make it work. There is no reason I should come out of an hour of television and only want to speak about how awkward parts of it looked.

THE CRAZY ONES: No complaining about Hawaii vacations. That should be a rule. This episode seemed less focused than all the others, but hopefully the next episode is better.

REIGN: Nope. I think I’m done after the pilot. If the show ends up being a huge, wild ratings success, maybe I’ll DVR a few episodes and catchup when I have time, but for now…no desire to see more.

THE MILLERS: So, if Tom broke three phones and got them replaced, how did he do that without his family knowing? I did love the idea of a Siri-like app being a replacement for his wife and the nagging (Carol 2.0 was a hilarious name), but I’m still not sure what the show is trying to do with Nathan’s sister and brother-in-law.

SCANDAL: Some moments were a little bit silly, but there were other moments that were really great in the hour. Drunk!Mellie was phenomenal, and her speech about not wanting Olivia to die a hero was amazing/completely logical. Huck’s torture relapse was heartbreaking, and Guillermo Diaz (Huck) remains criminally overlooked for what he brings to the role. I’m really intrigued by where the writers will take the Olivia and Jake storyline from here, especially with the tense situation of both of them not knowing why he was allowed to return to “normal” life. If he is truly in the dark, will he do digging? Will Olivia ever be able to trust him? Or will it end up not mattering at all?

And Harrison got line of the night with his, “You’re going to get a very bad rep in the hostage-taking community!” Loved. It.

So, what did you watch last night?

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