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THE CARRIE DIARIES: AnnaSophia Robb and Amy B. Harris on Carrie’s Work and Home Struggles

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THE CARRIE DIARIES will put Carrie in awkward positions at home and at work in tonight’s brand new episode, “Borderline,” as Carrie struggles with meeting her father’s girlfriend’s trouble-making son and a difficult “Interview” assignment.

“I think it’s interesting when people are dating who have kids, because you can really like each other, but your kids actually have to like each other, [too,]” THE CARRIE DIARIES showrunner Amy B. Harris told me earlier this week on the show’s New York set. “And that story was stimulated [because] I had been set up with someone [in the past] and it was a family thing, it was very casual, it was just, ‘If you guys like each other, great.’ And he seemed nice enough, but his kid was a total asshole, and everyone was like, ‘No, that can’t happen.’ So that’s a little bit of what we’re going to be managing: how Carrie and Dorrit are going to be getting along with this child. It’s going to be harder for them, because I do think as you’re married with kids, who you date isn’t just about you anymore, it’s about how your family is going to possibly blend. But I do think Carrie is more open to the idea of her father dating now.”

The new, maturer Carrie is also pressing to have more responsibilities at her “Interview” internship, but Harris acknowledged the path for her writing career won’t be that simple.

“We don’t want it to be just that everything miraculously is falling Carrie’s way,” Harris pointed out. “She has a lot of really nice breaks along the way, but what we’ve been playing with in her professional life is how much you can allow your personal life — or your personal feelings for someone — upend that, or upstage that. Last year, she really wanted that piece at the Madonna party and she blew it up with Sebastian. And what we’ll see coming up soon is that she might be making choices and putting aside opportunities that are work-related to sort of pursue romantic inclinations, and it will blow up in her face in many ways, too. So she’s not quite ready to get her byline. We’re not going to see that for a while. She’s blowing it up herself. That’s the biggest piece of it.”

And if you’re curious what AnnaSophia Robb (Carrie) has to say about what Carrie will be up to in “Borderline,” check out the video below…


THE CARRIE DIARIES airs Fridays at 8 PM on The CW.

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