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SUBURGATORY: Carly Chaikin Teases ‘Dalia Nicole Smith’ and What’s to Come

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SUBURGATORY’s Dalia is going through a bit of a crisis: after finding out her only college choice might not be a possibility, Dalia tries out a few possible job options in order to figure out what she should do with her life.

To get a little bit of insight about what’s going down, I spoke with SUBURGATORY star Carly Chaikin (Dalia) about her character’s big episode, and what’s to come…

Tonight’s episode is such a great one for Dalia. What was your reaction when you got the script?
Carly Chaikin: I was thrilled when I got it. I love Dalia, and I love that character, and it was kind of like Disneyland for me. It was the ideal episode to do and I really got to do everything with her. All the different outfits and activities, and the stuff with the older man, and her mom, and the college interview, it was fun because I got to do it all.

Was there a particular job of Dalia’s attempts that you had the most fun doing?
CC: The army one, I actually handled a real gun. And before we [shot the scene], I went into another room with a guy, and he taught me how to completely take apart and put together the entire thing. It was so cool. There were moments like that, where I was like, I have the coolest job.

And when we started filming, I was like, well now I know how to put it together. And they were like, “Great, now forget everything you learned, and now do it.”

And ABC has teased that Dalia ends up looking for a sugar daddy. What can you tease about how that turns out?
CC: You find things in places you least expect it, and at one of her jobs, she does find a suitor. Typical Dalia, takes him on home, and basically tries to tie him down. Which Dallas, obviously, isn’t a fan of, or supportive of.

Aside from tonight’s episode, is Dalia looking at romance as the end of the season approaches? Or is she more focused on other things?
CC: I feel like romance is always on the backburner for her. Or not necessarily on the backburner, but it’s not the focus of what she does…it’s never the main event. So for the rest of the season, there is no romance or focus on that. But I do hope to one day see what it would be like for her to be in a relationship.

As the season finishes out, how do you think Dalia’s mentality is? Is she in a good place emotionally?
CC: I think she’s in the best mental space that she has been. I can’t say it’s the best she’ll ever be, because who knows. But so far, I think she’s in the best mental space that she has been. I think most of the characters seem to be in their best head space — at least the kids — because we’ve all had the chance to grow up and find our ways and figure out that kind of stuff. I think she’s excited, in this episode especially, these options, and exploring things. I think she has a good outlook on light.

With Lisa and Malik’s wedding approaching, what can you say about Dalia’s involvement in that?
CC: She is very involved in that, but at the same time, obviously in her own world. [Laughs]

What I can tease about her involvement is that it’s very inappropriate and she oversteps the line to the extreme.

Is tonight’s episode your biggest remaining episode of the season? Or is there another one coming up?
CC: [Tonight’s episode] is Dalia’s storyline. The following episode, Dalia is very heavy in, but the storyline is mostly about the wedding. But Dalia does play her own little story in that.

If the show returns next year, do you have any idea of where Dalia would be?
CC: I have no idea. I think all of us are praying we get another season. I think the show is so great, and none of us would want to stop working on it. Also, I can’t wait to see what they would have us do.

I think every season, that’s the exciting thing about going back to work — getting to hear the new stuff we’ll do and the new stories we’ll get to tell, and everything that’ll happen to our characters…it never feels redundant, and it never feels boring.

Did you have a favorite Dalia moment this season?
CC: I don’t know if I have a favorite, but there have been a lot of great Dalia moments this season that were up there on my list. I think this episode, “Dalia Nicole Smith” is one of my favorites. One of my favorite moments — I think it kind of got overlooked, maybe because it was at the end of the episode — it was the first episode back or the second, where her and Tessa are talking, and Tessa comes to the house and says, “You can be friends with my dad.” And just the moment where Dalia says, “I’ve been meaning to ask you: how did things go with your mom?” And she’s like, “She left.” And Dalia’s like, “I know, I just wanted to hear you say it. But everything’s good with Ryan, right?” That was one of my favorite Dalia moments, because it was so her, and so mean. [Laughs]

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