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RECTIFY Season 2: Abigail Spencer on Amantha’s Frustrations, Self-Exploration and More

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RECTIFY, the mesmerizing and absolutely gut-wrenching original series from SundanceTV, returns with its second season tonight, and the show picks up almost immediately after the season-ending attack against Daniel.

Aside from Daniel, the attack will impact his sister, Amantha — who had only just begun to catch her breath after finally getting her brother released from death row for a crime she believes he didn’t commit — the most.

“Amantha is furious,” Abigail Spencer (Amantha) told reporters earlier this week. “She can’t believe she worked her entire life for her brother to be free, only for him to be in the hospital, left for dead. She’s frustrated by the system, by Daniel, her lack of control. Her lack of control of Daniel now that he’s free — it’s almost interesting, she had so much control when he was away. Daniel is alive because of Amantha, there are no bones about that. Now he’s out, and he’s alive, and I think she’s really struggling with how that first week went down…so she’s trying to wrap her head around the fact of, ‘Is he going to die?’ It’s a worst case scenario situation.”

Once Daniel’s health situation becomes more stabilized, Amantha will find herself (unwillingly) trying to find her own identity in the midst of the madness.

“I think what’s going to happen is as Daniel progresses, she’s going to be forced into figuring out who she is outside of Daniel,” Spencer teased. “Not by choice — she’s literally forced into a situation that is very uncomfortable for her. I don’t think anything will be resolved, but she’ll be forced into the exploration of who am I, what do I want, what would my life been like if Daniel hadn’t been sent away?”

And the series will have a little bit of breathing time to do that: while the freshman year’s six episodes focused on a week of storytelling, Spencer noted time will progress a bit differently in the show’s second season.

“Time is going to shift,” she pointed out. “Season 1 was the creation story. It’s the birthing story. Season 2 is about adolescence on everybody’s behalf. [In season 1] we got to know about everybody, got to learn about everybody, got an introduction into Daniel and the world and the life and the circumstances. And season 2 is everyone dealing with that. Much like an adolescent does when they discover the world doesn’t revolve around them, they start rebelling and stuff. They’re angry and they act. So, on everybody’s part, season 2 is about the adolescence…The timeline in season 2 is going to jump a bit. It’s not going to be [only] 10 days. It’s still going to feel very quick, but we will take time because we’re telling more of the story.”

RECTIFY returns tonight at 9 PM on SundanceTV.

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