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COMMUNITY at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 24, 2014 by  

COMMUNITY has been saved by Yahoo, so it is also making the return trek to Comic-Con thanks to TV Guide Magazine. Check out the official panel description, and check back starting at 2:15 PM PT for live-blog updates.

“Will “six seasons and a movie” come true? Greendale Community College been saved by Yahoo, but what happens next to Jeff Winger and the study group? Moderator Michael Schneider, TV Guide magazine’s executive editor, joins Community creator Dan Harmon, executive producer Chris McKenna, and cast members Joel McHale, Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash and Dino Stamatopoulos as they recap last season (including Dan’s heralded return to the show) and discuss the future of this fan-favorite comedy. ”

2:18 PM: We’re getting an extensive clip reel from COMMUNITY’s run so far, and there was basically 2 seconds dedicated to season 4…and now it’s touting COMMUNITY as the first bionic show: “Ratings? Where we’re going, we don’t need ratings.”

2:21 PM: “Where’s the vodka, by the way?” Stamatopoulos asks after he’s been introduced.

2:22 PM: “I don’t know,” Harmon says of how the show was revived. “I don’t know how Joel got me my job back in season 5 — [upon seeing himself on the screen] oh God, I look like really bad Russell Crowe.”

“Does it really matter where you’re doing this?” Harmon says of moving to Yahoo and his mixed feelings. “I can’t be the one to do not do this.”

“It’s season 6 of COMMUNITY — you’ll be watching it the way you’ve always watching it, but now it’s legal,” Harmon cracks of it debuting online.

2:26 PM: “I had no doubt we’d be back,” Hale says. “Like a Japanese general in World War II, the only option was victory or suicide…so I always wanted it back if they would pay me what Jim Parsons is making.” And how is it going? “Terrible,” McHale cracks.

“I could not be happier the show is back,” McHale says. “And…you watch it on tiny little screens….so, fuck you network television.”

2:30 PM: Jacobs found out the show was renewed on the internet, but she’s delighted its back. “There are few times as you get to work on something as good, funny, and heart-warming as this is,” she says.

2:32 PM: “I learned a long time ago — I think I was the Polyanna of season 3 when we get ripped off the schedule,” McKenna says of being semi-pessimistic about the renewal. “I was such a fool to openly be that guy…maybe that’s the reason.”

2:33 PM: “I had a lot of anti-vaccination messages…and now that it’s on YouTube or whatever, we can do anything,” Harmon jokes.

Will the show be different? “I think the COMMUNITY that these guys recognize needs to be there,” Harmon says. “My philosophy is to attempt to make the same show, but make the lack of boundaries make themselves felt…I don’t want to take the wheels off so much that people feel this is a new show.”

2:36 PM: “I think it’s hanging in there — I like it as an underdog campus,” Harmon says. “They might have to cash in Chang’s diamond teeth.”

2:37 PM: “Now it’s on the internet, so it’s probably Jeff and the Dean now,” McHale says.

“Human beings fall in love, human beings have crushes, human beings are sexual beings, which always complicates life in a family or a group of friends,” Harmon says. “Especially a family…it’s not just a workplace comedy. So centering it on one relationship would be the beginning of the end…[but] you let these stories happen.”

“I don’t know, and I’m not going to guess,” McHale says.

2:40 PM: “I actually helped Troy and Abed,” Jacobs says of the lava episode and pinpointing what was wrong. “I don’t think she’ll ever be not the butt of the joke in the group.”

“You’ll never not be the worst,” Rash says.

2:42 PM: “It was a blast to do,” Rash says of rapping.

“And you spat on Gillian and I a lot,” McHale adds.

“That’s real,” Rash says.

2:43 PM: “These characters have evolved from the very beginning — they stay true to who they are, but they’ve learned,” Rash says.

2:44 PM: “I think he’s fallen in love with this place and people…and he’s a guy who at this core really loves these people,” Rash says of the Dean.

2:45 PM: “I can’t give any sneaky peeks about that stuff,” Harmon says of potential new characters.

“It’s Benedict Cumberbatch,” McHale jokes.

2:46 PM: “I think the show has always been about more than just that school,” Harmon says. “Going away for season 4 and having to come back and reboot the show, it changed so much about what I would have said in season 3 about the show, narratively.”

2:48 PM: “I had to run out of takes — it looked like I was going to vomit or sneeze,” McHale says of laughing really hard while filming with Mitch Hurwitz.

2:49 PM: “I was really proud of season 5,” Jacobs says. “I was so excited for Dan to come back and do some of our best work ever.”

2:50 PM: Rash says he enjoyed working on D&D this past season, since he wasn’t a part of the first one.

2:52 PM: Apparently at some point Jonathan Banks (jokingly?) threatened to punch people in the heart on set. They were amused by it, because it’s a very, very specific threat.

2:55 PM: After Jacobs interrupts Stamatopoulos, Rash jokingly chastises her, and McHale steals her mike.

2:57 PM: “Troy’s out there,” Harmon says. “He may be in peril. But that’s what movies are made of.”

2:59 PM: “I think Yahoo will open up all kinds of opportunities if we do episodes like that,” Harmon says of whether there will be a real Meow Meow map.

3:00 PM: No word yet on whether they’ll have holiday episodes — will depend on when it’s streaming, and they should know soon.

3:01 PM: “But you know what, she’s doing some good intragroup work,” Jacobs says on Britta’s future. “Maybe she could become an animal psychiatrist — her possibilities are absolutely limited.”

3:03 PM: “I don’t know how we do it, my friend,” Harmon says when he’s asked how they keep the narrative thread cohesive. “We blow our own minds.”

3:04 PM: “Don’t get rid of them, lady,” McHale says when a SDCC wrangler tries to hurry along two fans who are wearing Human Beings costumes. “This is the only part of the day when it’s not awkward for them.”

3:05 PM: “I have to use the Chris Hardwick line,” McHale says of how he keeps his hair so high.

3:07 PM: Harmon is now showcasing his weird, new laugh. They joke he may be dying.

3:08 PM: Harmon wanted to not show any real definitive location for the show, but for legal reasons, they had to say it was Colorado.

“I consider it to be a political statement,” Harmon jokes of the climate being very sunny in Colorado.

3:11 PM: “I think a lot of people see Jim and think, ‘Oh, Moby has a new video!’ Or, oh, Stephen Sodenburg is speaking again,” McHale cracks of Rash.

3:13 PM: Any chance there will be a SOUP crossover? “I don’t think we could afford him,” McHale jokes.

And we’re done!

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