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SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2: ‘This is War’ and ‘The Kindred’ You Ask, I Answer

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SLEEPY HOLLOW’s first season was insane, and the show capped it off with one of the most jaw-dropping/twisty finales in recent memory. (And it was awesome.)

After eight months off the air, SLEEPY HOLLOW will finally return with new episodes this Monday, and I had the chance to watch the first two hours — “This is War” (fka “Hellfire”) and “The Kindred”…and really, I want to talk to you guys about them. So I did the next best thing and answered some of your questions about the hours…

I know it’s gonna be awesome, but on a scale from 0 to 10 exactly how awesome is it gonna be? – @ToZiKa via Twitter

I’m slightly adapting your question in my answer, because I really want to grade it from 0-10 on the crazy-pants crazy scale. (Which is my favorite SLEEPY HOLLOW scale.) Because it’s like 710 on the crazy-pants crazy scale. At least one moment in the first few hours made me say WTF out loud.

In fact, I actually had to write this down in my notes for the first couple of episodes:


(It may or may not be directly connected to this.)

How is the relationship with Ben Franklin discovered? – @deblamb67 via Twitter

Viewers will learn about Ichabod’s relationship with Ben Franklin through explanation, flashbacks, and (true to SLEEPY HOLLOW), a wee bit of manipulation. (And at least one part of the premiere might have you Googling Ben Franklin to see how much of what they say about him is true.)

Ben Franklin is also around for multiple episodes, and I’m guessing people will be amused by his relationship with Ichabod.

Do we get to see more of Katrina and Ichabod’s relationship in the past and present? – @Notapropergeek via Twitter

We will! While Katrina is stuck with Abraham/Headless for a good amount of time, Ichabod & Katrina have a very sweet/emotional scene in the second episode of the season. But Abraham is also smart and observant and may have found a good card to play in his attempt to cause Katrina to doubt her husband.

Hello! Wondering if there’s much screen time for Jenny or Katrina in the first couple of eps? 🙂 – krysten-rittter via Tumblr

There’s more time for Jenny in the premiere (though Katrina has a couple of scenes), whereas Katrina has a bigger role in episode 2, while Jenny finds herself tied up off-screen for much of that hour. Ichabod and Abbie are the main focus of both hours, but I felt we got a fair amount of time with most of the other characters. (The one exception might be Irving, but he has a fun bit in episode 2.)

And a few other teases:

  • Ichabod’s first words of the season are fairly heartbreaking.
  • The key to one of the premiere’s biggest problems is quite appropriate.
  • Get ready for Ichabod vs. Ichabod.
  • Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship is interesting in season 2: their friendship is solid(ish), but they have different thoughts about how The Kindred should be handled. And there is a concern about different priorities.
  • The new sheriff has a history with Abbie.
  • There’s a good reason for Ichabod deciding he needs to learn how to drive.
  • Irving starts off the season in jail, but quickly moves to a new location. And the reason why is so, so, so good/brilliant.
  • There are new opening credits.
  • We’ll meet Henry’s first client in the first two episodes.

SLEEPY HOLLOW airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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