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SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Cast and Producers Tease What’s to Come in Season 2

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SLEEPY HOLLOW hit up New York Comic Con this past weekend, and the cast and producers dropped some interesting teases about what’s to come…

On one of the newest characters, Sheriff Reyes:

“I’m a little surprised by certain things,” Sakina Jaffrey (Reyes) admitted. “Only in a place like Sleepy Hollow could you arrive to bring civility and order to a place and be viewed as a party-pooper.” (Meanwhile, Orlando Jones (Irving) was not as pleased by Sheriff Reyes’ do-gooding and cracked, “My mama thinks I’m a stereotype now because I went to prison.”)

And while Jaffrey didn’t have much to tease about what secrets her character might have, she did concede that she’s “waiting for the call” that her character will end up being evil. (But that almost seems too easy?)

On Irving’s (unwilling) step to the dark side:

Jones admitted that when he got to read the script for the last episode, he was excited over the fantasy sequence (/look to the future?!) that showed him fighting for War — “I’m going to kill demons!” he exclaimed — but was a bit bummed out to be working for the other side.

“It’s kind of depressing…I sold my soul to the horseman and now I’m on the other side,” he noted. “Killing demons was cool…but I wish [Irving] was on the other side. I wish he was on the side of good instead of evil.”

On Ichabod’s upcoming scenes that touch on his learning of/bafflement by modern ways:

Arguably the biggest cheer that occurred during the SLEEPY HOLLOW panel happened after SLEEPY HOLLOW showrunner Mark Goffman revealed “we’re going to do an episode where Ichabod discovers karaoke.”

(For what it’s worth, he also teased the upcoming yoga scene, which airs a week from Monday.)

On the big twists and turns to come:

Arguably no show delivered a season finale last season like SLEEPY HOLLOW did, and based on the teases, season 2’s final hour will be just as big.

“The show is the promise of big twists like we had at the end of the first season,” Goffman noted. “So we’ve planned [the season 2 finale], so when those moments come, they are not a cheat. We planted the seeds and you watch it and go back and realize, ‘Oh my God.’ We had a bit more time this season to think about how we wanted to end. But we don’t just plan the surprise for surprise’s sake. It doesn’t feel earned in storytelling. I hope that where we leave it at the end of the season, you won’t see coming.”

On deleted scenes…that could find their way to your screen, anyway:

There were a number of scenes that were initially supposed to be a part of the earlier run of SLEEPY HOLLOW season 2, and for various reasons, they were cut out of the final broadcast. But there is a chance fans will see them before the season ends.

“There were a couple of battle sequences we put together that ended up having to be cut that were really exciting and really had a fun twist on it,” co-creator/director Len Wiseman pointed out.

“[And] there’s a scene with Abbie and her mother, and a storyline that starts to build from the beginning of the season,” Goffman added. “It’s the nice thing about doing 18 episodes — we’re finding a lot more room for things, instead of having to race through 13. So a lot of the scenes that ended up on the cutting room floor in the first few episodes will end up [on-screen] later on.”

SLEEPY HOLLOW airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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