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THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: Candice Accola Teases Friendsgiving, What’s Next with Stefan, and More

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The holidays on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES will be a little bit different for the residents of Mystic Falls this year since the town is now protected from allowing anyone with supernatural abilities inside.

“Caroline has a very difficult time not being able to go home,” Candice Accola (Caroline) acknowledged to reporters on set. “What was so great about Klaus and Caroline’s relationship was it was the first time Caroline thought there was anything outside of Mystic Falls. There was a whole world out there. Before that, she probably would have just been a housewife, sipping on her chardonnay and reminiscing about being homecoming queen if she would have never turned into a vampire and met all of these people. So, Mystic Falls is still very, very close to her heart, and it’s very difficult for her to not go home. We will see that a little bit in this Friendsgiving episode, but more as we go into the holiday episode, which [is] really, really special this year. We just shot those recently…she misses home.”

So to fill a bit of that void, Caroline and Elena are hosting a Friendsgiving celebration at their dorm in tonight’s new episode — a nice break from the stress and trauma the friends are used to.

“We’re actually going to see some of these friends together,” Accola said. “I love when it’s a very human situation when you walk into it, because it’s such a supernatural-based show [with] an enormous mythology running through it. So when something is just Friendsgiving, I think it’s really nice. It’s a nice episode to build on. So you’re going to see these friends interact, we’re going to be at college. They’re coming together to celebrate a normal holiday. Obviously, some madness will ensue. And we’re going to see the aftermath of how Caroline is feeling now that she has [had] a more face-forward discussion about her feelings for Stefan with Stefan. And, usually, she just likes to pretend everything is fine, so we’ll probably see a little bit of that.”

However, just because Caroline may be repressing what happened with Stefan, that doesn’t mean she wants him at her Friendsgiving, either.

“She made it very clear at the end of the last episode that she hates him, so, when planning a Friendsgiving, I don’t know if, according to her, he [would] necessarily fall in that category [of a friend],” she noted. “He doesn’t necessarily fall in that category anymore.”

But now that it’s been acknowledged that Caroline’s feelings for Stefan aren’t wholly platonic, the topic of their potential coupling is making its way around their group of friends.

“I think now that it’s out in the open, characters are starting to invite the opportunity [to talk about their relationship],” Accola acknowledged. “It’s like when you’re in high school and you know two people have a crush on each other, and everyone else feels like they need to make it their business to talk about it…I think that’s my take on it: that’s why all of a sudden people are like, ‘What do you mean? You should go for it!’ Because I think it’s obvious to a lot of the other characters, but it’s not obviously to Stefan and Caroline what’s happening. That’s my take on it, at least.”

And while Caroline was often someone who gave her opinions on other romances — she was, after all, formerly a big supporter of Elena’s relationship with Stefan — Accola said her character is just focused on supporting her friend right now.

“Caroline is being very supportive of Elena,” she said. “She’s gotten to the point where she just wants to see her friend happy, and there are more important things than forcing her opinion on the situation. I think it’s just an element of character growth in Caroline, and giving up on the fight that Damon is this bad guy, when he’s proven himself to be good over and over again.”

However, would Elena support a potential Caroline and Stefan romance?

“We’ll have to watch and find out,” Accola teased.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES airs Thursdays at 8 PM on The CW.


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