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FX at TCA: Executive Session Live-Blog

January 18, 2015 by  

It’s time for FX at TCA, and John Landgraf (CEO, FX Networks & FX Productions) is here to talk about the networks.

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9:45 AM: YOU’RE THE WORST will move to FXX “this summer” Landgraf says. Also, we have an April 9th premiere date for THE COMEDIANS and LOUIE.

9:48 AM: Production on FARGO starts tomorrow.

9:49 AM: AMERICAN HORROR STORY season 5 will air in October. Landgraf says Ryan Murphy can share details about that.

9:52 AM: We’re seeing a slide that shows data of the top shows picked by critics last year. HBO led the pack with 250, and FX had 213. The third place was AMC with 74. The point is that while there is a ton of quality television, HBO isn’t the runaway leader of quality that some people think — FX is in the mix.

9:56 AM: “I really endorse the risks [THE BRIDGE] team took in season 2,” Landgraf says. He says the two stories felt like an “uncomfortable marriage” in season 1, and they were going to try and focus on the crimes on the border in season 2.

Landgraf says they are likely to bring a show back for a second season, but if there’s no momentum, it becomes the question of, “Well, bringing back the third season of THE BRIDGE, does that create the strongest roster?” He admits he has regrets about not bringing it back, but at the end of the day, “you have to pay some attention to ratings.”

9:57 AM: Landgraf says they worked a lot with Middle Eastern experts on TYRANT. He feels the show finished off really strong, and the team had a really strong second season pitch.

10:02 AM: FARGO season 2 is set in the late 1970s. Reagan is a character in the second season and it’s about “the cultural transformation in America at that time.” It’s a “big, sprawling, incredibly ambitious ” story, Landgraf says. Feminism will be an important topic, and he promised some strong female characters.

10:05 AM: Landgraf is touting the idea of anthologies. He notes that giving writers the freedom to write what they want in the length/format they want/is best for their project, it produces great storytelling.

10:08 AM: Landgraf says that Louie CK was a “little burned out” after doing so much during the first seasons of his show. They’re happy to have him doing the show on his schedule, whenever it works.

10:11 AM: “I think it’ll be at least five,” Landgraf says of THE AMERICANS. It’ll depend on how good it remains, and he hopes they get some Emmy love, but he thinks they’ll still get at least five seasons out of the show.

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