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CONSTANTINE Finale Post-Mortem: Angélica Celaya on That Betrayal, the Triangle, and Her Message to the Fans

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[Warning: This post contains spoilers for the CONSTANTINE season finale.]

CONSTANTINE’s first season came to a close with one potentially huge twist — Manny, the angel Constantine has often relied on and who had just befriended Zed is not as innocent as he originally appeared. (Though, in his defense, he did tell Papa Midnite that Constantine was off limits. But still…)

I spoke with CONSTANTINE star Angélica Celaya (Zed) about what Manny’s betrayal might do to Zed, where Zed’s heart and mind are right now with the men in her life, and what she wants fans to know…

If there’s a second season, how do you think Zed would handle Manny’s apparent betrayal?
Angélica Celaya: If there is something Zed does not stand for, that is betrayal. That is not something she stands for at all — it doesn’t matter who it comes from. The biggest betrayal she’s had has been from her own father, and she’s running away from him and doesn’t want to see him; she doesn’t even want to hear about him.

And if it’s coming from Manny, I think Zed will be like, “I want to kick your ass!” [Laughs] That’s going to give Zed [doubt]: “You’re telling me I have a purpose, you’re telling me my gift was from God. Is it really from God, or were you telling me that? Were you behind all this?” There’s this whole thing with betrayal that brings a lot of questioning into Zed’s head, and heaven and hell is not as simple as everybody thought.

The relationship between Zed and Constantine was complicated from their first meeting, and she also developed an unusual relationship with Jim Corrigan — whom John saw her kissing in the finale. Where is Zed’s heart and mind at this point?
AC: John and Zed have this connection that goes far beyond words or anything else. She knows he’s a troubled soul, and they have this connection. From the moment they met — even before they met — they were destined to be together. Then they met, and she doesn’t want to leave his side, because she believes in him, even more than John believes in himself. It’s this thing where in a way, she idolizes John because of the stuff he’s going through, and all of his knowledge. And he, in a way, is a huge protector; he’s the protector of Zed.

Corrigan, he killed his father. He’s the one who has been running away from his childhood. There is a connection there…it goes back, it has roots. They both understand each other, they both understand they’ve been running from their past. Zed understands that he has a destiny he cannot avoid, and Zed knows she has a destiny she cannot avoid.

It’s just a huge complication of someone you’ve felt inside [your soul] for years before you met with them, and the someone [else] comes and it shakes you to your core that you and this other person — Jim Corrigan — share this mutual fight in life. I don’t know what’s thicker. I don’t know what’s stronger.

The fans of this show have been so passionate about trying to make sure it continues. What do you want to tell them?
AC: My message to all the “Hellblazer” and CONSTANTINE fans out there is thank you very much! It’s been very humbling to have so much support from them with every single episode that airs, [my] Twitter feed is bombarded with everyone getting excited.

It’s more than gold; they’re diamonds in the rough, honestly. The passion behind the show and the passion behind us — they’re the passion of us wanting to move forward. This show, even before we aired and we were at Comic-Con, the way the public responded to [it], the way the fans have responded to it and backing us up with each episode that comes out. They’re there for us, they’re die-hard fans, and honestly, if there’s something to move forward on, it’s their spirit and their support.

What did you think of the CONSTANTINE finale?


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