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SLEEPY HOLLOW: 5 Teases For ‘Awakening’

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sleepy-SLEEPY HOLLOW has gone through its ups and downs in season 2, but the penultimate episode of the season, “Awakening,” hits the ground running.

There was a lot of talk about the second “half” of the season would be less serialized, and more focused on the procedural-esque, case-of-the-week elements of the show. The good news — for those of us who are drawn to the show’s serialized/overarching mythology — is this hour absolutely did not feel like it was procedural in nature. (And it worked. It’s crazy-pants crazy in all the ways SLEEPY HOLLOW needs to be.)

And while the episode is also insanely riddled with potential spoilers (AKA if you’re not watching live and you care about not getting spoiled, maybe avoid social media, if you can), I do have a few teases for you about the hour…

  1. SLEEPY HOLLOW has often been action-packed, but “Awakening” certainly holds the “honor” of being the hour that has the most physical fighting between the show’s main cast. (It’s simultaneously awesome and kind of heartbreaking.)
  2. There is an incredible parallel to a vital moment of the pilot…but a different character is now experiencing it.
  3. Other shows have played the card that SLEEPY HOLLOW plays tonight, but if you’re like me, you might be most reminded of one of FRINGE’s most unique/insane hours.
  4. Remember how SLEEPY HOLLOW showrunner Mark Goffman teased this about Abbie? “There’s one in particular [thing] I’m excited about in the finale that’s [a] really big Abbie story. And it starts in episode 17 and then climaxes in the finale. And I think it will give Abbie a completely different and new understanding of the world. And I think that’s really exciting for us and the character.” He wasn’t lying. Abbie’s actions in episode 17 are massive, and one of the actions she takes is so huge the possibilities of the impact feel almost endless.
  5. Henry has a more official family reunion this week (no more dream visits!), and (multiple) people firmly decide which side they’ll be on.

(And, as a bonus tease, might I suggest you re-read what Tom Mison said about what’s in store? The man was spot-on.)

I’m very, very interested to hear what you guys think about this episode. There’s nearly no way viewers won’t have some sort of reaction to what goes down. (And the fabulous Kelly Connolly will have a recap up after the hour airs.)

But in the meantime, are you looking forward to “Awakening”?

SLEEPY HOLLOW airs Mondays at 9 PM on Fox.


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