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On the Set of MAN SEEKING WOMAN: The Cast and Creator Tease ‘Stain’

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MSW_107_00064_hires1In tonight’s brand new episode of MAN SEEKING WOMAN, Josh and Mike head to a destination wedding…in Hell.

But before the duo can get there, Josh — in a funk from his hookup with his ex, Maggie, being a one-time thing — is encouraged by his sister, Liz, to come out for a night of dancing with her and her boyfriend. But, with this being MAN SEEKING WOMAN, the “dancing” isn’t what you might expect.

“We’re taking Josh out dancing with us, and he’s convinced he’s going to be a third wheel, and we’re like, ‘No, you’re going to be fine,'” Britt Lower (Liz) shared on the show’s Toronto set. “And when we get there, it’s competitive ice dancing. And having ice skated only four times ever in my life, getting on the ice [to film the scene] was kind of surreal. As was getting dressed up like a competitive ice dancer.”

“They gave us a little time to practice,” she continued with a laugh. “And also the partner I was working on the lift was incredibly strong. And I had this strong person holding me up so I felt safe.”

And while series star Jay Baruchel (Josh) joked that filming the ice skating scene wasn’t too abnormal for him — “I live in Montreal, it’s not that much different.” — for series creator Simon Rich, it showcases how the show’s outlandish elements ties into grounded issues.

“With a premise like that, it’s something people can relate to — to feel like a third wheel, to feel like they don’t fit in because they’re single, not coupled,” Rich explained. “That’s the emotional experience we drew upon as writers [for that scene]. In our show, it plays out to the extreme.”

Also extreme is the aforementioned trip to Hell for the destination wedding. Unfortunately for Josh, he also runs into Maggie there…who isn’t alone. But despite the awkwardness, Maya Erskine (Maggie), isn’t totally ready to write off the former couple.

“I think he’s a little bit naive to think there’s a chance to go back [to how they were], but always with exes, there’s a chance to [get] back together,” Erskine acknowledged. “I just think that he will not be able to move on until he lets go of Maggie. He’s in this in-between place.”

MAN SEEKING WOMAN airs Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on FXX.


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