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WAYWARD PINES Post-Mortem: Chad Hodge Teases ‘Betrayal”s Important Foreshadowing

July 2, 2015 by  

Credit: Fox

Credit: Fox

[Warning: this post contains spoilers for the July 2nd episode of WAYWARD PINES.]

WAYWARD PINES’ Ethan didn’t waste much time trying to share the truth of the location with those closest to him — his wife, Theresa; and his former partner/girlfriend, Kate — despite the warning he was supposed to keep the intel quiet. But unfortunately, his warnings didn’t go over as well as he hoped.

“It’s the people who are closest to him, Kate and Theresa,” WAYWARD PINES showrunner Chad Hodge explained of Ethan’s rebellion. “He knows them well enough to know they will trust him, ultimately; they can handle the truth. It’s a big hint and foreshadow to what happens at the end of the series — can people handle this truth or not? There’s evidence you [saw] in episode six that they can not handle the truth. But, perhaps, if they’re told in the right way, they can.”

In the more immediate future, the consequences could be deadly: Kate — convinced Ethan had been turned — doubled down on her plan with Harold to break out. And when a bomb (which was one of the devices that was intended to take down the wall) detonated early, Ethan’s son, Ben, was gravely wounded.

“It’s very intense,” Hodge teased of the fallout. “[Ethan’s] action changes with that. And he tries to desperately convince people — including his wife, including Kate — what he’s telling them is the truth. People don’t need to get hurt, they just need to listen.”

“It’s hard, because when you’re telling someone [this] — like I was telling you about space…[he needs to say to them,] ‘Even though I can’t show you the outside of the fence and there’s nothing out there, you have to believe me,'” Hodge continued. “And a kid will believe it, and an adult will not. That’s the crux of where we end up in the series: can the last of humanity deal with the fact that they are the last of humanity? It’s Ethan’s job to figure out how to relay that information, if at all.”

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WAYWARD PINES airs Thursdays at 9 PM on Fox.


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