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ARROW at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 11, 2015 by  

ARROW is first up at DC’s uber night of programming at Comic-Con, so follow along for a full live-blog of what’s going down…

8:27 PM: ARROW star Stephen Amell has come out in his costume, and he asks fans to “come just a little bit further with the Green Arrow.”

8:29 PM: They’re showing a great, long sizzle reel for ARROW season 3.

8:33 PM: Time to introduce the panelists!

8:35 PM: “First of all, we need to give credit to Maya Mani,” Amell says, praising the show’s new suit. He says she’s done a bang-up job on everything that’s been done, costume-wise.

“I think we always said the progression from Oliver was from Arrow to Green Arrow,” ARROW EP Greg Berlanti says.

8:36 PM: “He’s in a much better place, he’s happy, he’s in love,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. That mood infiltrates the rest of his work, even though there’s still plenty of rooftop scenes. New co-showrunner Wendy Mericle says Oliver will even be making jokes in the lair.

8:38 PM: Marc Guggenheim shared Anarky is coming. Mr. Terrific is also coming. “He’s going to work with Felicity,” Berlanti says, noting Mr. Terrific will also be gay.

8:39 PM: Katie Cassidy praises the path the writers took for Laurel last year. “Absolutely everything” was incredible about how they handled her Black Canary transition.

8:40 PM: “It’s been absolutely a beyond honor to play a strong, female character who has come out the other side,” Willa Holland says. “I had tears of joy when I tried on the [Speedy] outfit for the first time.”

8:43 PM: Emily Bett Rickards shares she only wore half the Atom suit when Felicity put it on — when Oliver looked at Felicity, he was actually looking at a stuntman.

8:44 PM: “You’re going to get back into the hood in episode 3,” Guggenheim tells John Barrowman. He’s excited, and wants to know if he gets to keep the Ra’s ring.

8:45 PM: “I don’t know if I’ll get to keep the scruff, because I don’t know if it will go well with my new helmet,” David Ramsey teases.

“Diggle has a wife, a daughter…it’s not the greatest idea [to be exposed],” Guggenheim says.

8:47 PM: “He’s a sulking leader,” Paul Blackthorne says of Diggle. “I do sulk,” Ramsey says. Barrowman offers Lance a job in his army.

8:48 PM: Amell and Rickards praise the fans for voting them couple of the year. “It’s not quite an Emmy, but it means a lot,” Amell jokes. Rickards says it’s sometimes hard to put the fandom into perspective, butt hen they feel the love there, and they get it.

8:50 PM: Will Oliver be rich again? Nah, he has a “sugar mama” in Felicity — and Rickards fakes making it rain.

8:54 PM: “I’d love to see more sparring between Malcolm and Felicity,”  Barrowman says.

8:55 PM: “Everyone knows everyone’s business, and that leads to [new] interactions,” Amell notes. He appreciates that in season 4, things can be that significantly changed.

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