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LEGENDS OF TOMORROW at Comic-Con: Live-Blog

July 12, 2015 by  

Next up for DC’s Comic-Con panel night? DC Entertainment’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

Follow along for a live-blog…

9:28 PM: The first couple of episodes of ARROW and THE FLASH are doing “table setting” Marc Guggenheim says. And the upcoming crossover will play into setting up this show.

9:29 PM: One new person to expect on the show? Hawkman.

9:30 PM: “He’s definitely going to want to take charge,” Brandon Routh says of Ray’s take on working with a team.

9:31 PM: “The person who goes into the pit isn’t necessarily the person who comes out,” Caity Lotz says of Sara’s revival. She says she wants Sara to be nuts.

“Heatwave will be pissed about it, but he has to do it, because Captain Cold is in charge,” Dominic Purcell says. “Just like the dynamic between me and Wentworth [Miller].”

“These guys have to be together, but it’s a bumpy ride,” Miller says.

9:33 PM: “Part of the fun of the show is …they’ll be meeting Vandal Savage in several different time zones,” Kreisberg says. For this show, nothing is too crazy.

9:34 PM: “This is my first time here, and I’m overwhelmed,” Victor Garber says. He notes his character “has a certain amount of arrogance that thinks he can mediate this dysfunctional family.”

9:35 PM: “I think it’s going to be interesting to see her in these different time periods and to see who she is now and who she was then,” Ciara Renee says.

9:37 PM: Berlanti credits the show to the incredible support of ARROW/FLASH, the amazing talent of the guest stars, and the desire to see a team-up show.

9:39 PM: “We get to make silly stuff look awesome,” Routh says of being drawn to the genre world.

9:39 PM: “Because she’s not afraid to die — she’s died multiple times,” Lotz says about why her character is the most fearless one. “You can’t threaten her with anything if she’s not afraid of dying.”

9:41 PM: If they could go back to any era, someone suggest Garber go back to the Titanic-era. “That worked out well,” Garber cracks, referencing his role in the movie.

9:43 PM: “It was literally a millisecond of a decision,” Phil Klemmer says of option to join/showrun the series.

And we’re done!

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