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Let’s talk about Thursday night TV!

[As a reminder, I’m in New York for about a week, so I’ll still be doing these ALNs, but they’ll more heavily focus on anything I have screener access to.]

BONES: Every time a big-name guest star isn’t revealed to be the bad guy on a procedural, I do a mini-cheer. I get why it happens, but it’s one of my biggest gripes about the genre. And like Sarah, I loved Kim Raver on the show, and do hope they find a way to bring her back.

As for the show itself, I still wish Booth hadn’t lied Brennan about what he was doing so close to what went down last season. (No matter how justified his reasons were; I don’t blame him for his actions. But I wish Brennan had been in the loop.) But BONES boss Michael Peterson’s explanation for why there won’t be drama between the duo makes sense.

Not sure what to make of the Cam/Arastoo breakup, but very curious to see how they play it out.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: I love, love, love the three year flash-forward and how it’s going to shake things up. I’m so curious WTF is going on, which is a good way to start the season.

The show was in a really, really tough spot, in moving on post-Elena, but I thought it worked? The show didn’t ignore her presence and importance, and yet still plausibly moved the story forward.

And Alaric, dude, this will not end well.

THE ORIGINALS: Cami calling Klaus a disappointment…yikes. And with Lucien back in town, this could go very, very poorly.

The idea of this being a season of the sire line could be fun. There’s a lot of history to explore. We’ll see how it plays out.

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