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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Boss Teases Charles’ Quest for Love, Possible Return for Archie Panjabi, and More

October 9, 2015 by  

Credit: Eddy Chen/FOX.

Credit: Eddy Chen/FOX.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE is navigating new ground as Jake and Amy’s new coupling has passed its first real hurdle, thanks to Holt’s smart maneuvering against the Vulture.

But will that end up causing Holt even more of a headache? And how will Charles’ quest for love go? I spoke with BROOKLYN NINE-NINE boss Dan Goor about what’s to come…

In the last episode, Holt came through for the Nine-Nine in a big way by essentially bribing the Vulture. How much trouble will that cause for Holt?
Dan Goor: That particular move doesn’t bite him too badly. But there’s more payback for other things he does in the next few episodes.

Does that change the Vulture’s behavior towards the squad at all?
DG: I think he feels like he’s actually won. It’s hard to humble the Vulture.

Archie Panjabi was so much fun to have on the show. Given how often guest stars return to the show, what are the chances she might come back?
DG: Not to sound like a broken record, but I was so excited to find out that she was willing to do the show. I’m a huge THE GOOD WIFE fan, and a huge fan of hers, in particular, and going back to movies she’s done. I can’t say enough about her. I thought she was great in the episode. She’s not in any episodes [we’ve shot], but there’s every chance in the world for her to come back. We loved her.

I would love for her to, at some point, decide she likes Boyle so much that she begins eating meat. But that’s not written into anything. And we have slightly different plans for Charles in the short-term.

What are your plans for him?
DG: At the end of [episode 2], Boyle says he’s looking for love. And Boyle finds love. Or, looks for love; that’s his quest. We have some really fun stories based on that. And then there’s his on-going, incredible friendship with Jake. There’s some great stories. The third episode is a very strong Jake/Charles story, and I think people will really enjoy.

Is Charles looking for love in familiar places?
DG: I see what you’re saying — he’s looking for love with people we don’t know. That said, there is always a chance — always a chance — that Gina and Charles will backslide into something.

What will Gina be up to in the coming weeks?
DG: There’s some really funny Gina stories. From watching cuts, this has been such a strong season for Chelsea Peretti. Gina just comes alive in all the cuts. It’s been incredibly fun to write for her. I think there are some huge Gina superfans out there, and they won’t be disappointed at all by this season.

What can you say about what’s in store for Rosa and Terry?
DG: Rosa is still in her relationship with Marcus, Holt’s nephew. And so that will continue to pose complications for her and Holt as they are forced to deal with personal issues.

And Terry is about a have a baby, and that is putting a tremendous amount of stress on his life. His wife [is on] bed rest, which puts more stress on his life.

Will the baby be born on- or off-screen?
DG: We [just wrote it], so yes [on-screen].

How much will we be able to see Marcus in the early part of the season given Nick Cannon’s commitments on the other side of the country to AMERICA’S GOT TALENT?
DG: Like Bill Hader, [Cannon’s] career is mega-watt…we do see him, but in the beginning of the season, it’s primarily off-screen references.

That makes sense. Is there anything you can tease about the upcoming holiday episodes?
DG: In the tradition of the show, we are making those holiday episodes real blockbusters. We try to make them really exciting episodes.

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