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MINORITY REPORT Team Teases Agatha/Vega’s Awkward Meeting, Dash/Arthur’s DUKES OF HAZZARD Adventure

October 26, 2015 by  

Credit: Michael Caulfield / FOX.

Credit: Michael Caulfield / FOX.

MINORITY REPORT is reuniting the precogs in tonight’s new episode, “Fiddler’s Neck.”

“We’re going to the island,” MINORITY REPORT creator Max Borenstein teased to reporters on the show’s Vancouver set. “We’re going to see how the other half lives, with Agatha. Thus far in the season, she’s been present only via that telepresence machine, and wagging her finger at Dash, and telling him not to do what he’s doing. But now, she’s going to be the one who needs help. They come there, and we learn a lot about how you can live in this society, off the grid…we’re going to be able to do dig into that strange family dynamic as the brothers come back there, and they bring Vega.”

Of course, Vega’s presence provides its own complications — Agatha’s visions of the siblings returning to the milk baths, with Vega observing it all, have not gone away. So when the duo finally meet, “there’s obviously a great deal of tension,” Borenstein allowed.

“Agatha has foreseen that Vega is going to play some role in getting the three of them caught again,” he said. “So she’s not exactly thrilled to have this person coming to the island, and her little sanctuary.”

“She continues to see this; it’s going to happen in some way,” Borenstein continued. “And Vega’s initial argument is, ‘I would never do this, this would never happen,’ falls on deaf ears, because Agatha [knows] it’s going to happen — your assurances don’t mean shit to me. We don’t know how. And Vega can try to reassure her, maybe you’re interpreting it wrong, or maybe I’ll be there to help you, or whatever, or we can change the future. Their whole mission is predicated on changing the future. But the creepy thing for Agatha is she continues to see this, even with everything that’s happened…and it’s actually getting clearer, and now she sees Vega in it, so that means what [they’re] doing is bringing it closer to it. And so there’s an insoluble problem they face.”

But there could be some element of hope. “This is an episode that is going to be about the two of them and whether they can forge some trust,” Borenstein said. “We’re building to a place where we’re going to get to that spot — we’re going to see it happen, one way or another, we’re going to pay that off. The question is how.”

And Agatha/Vega won’t be the only ones dealing with a complicated relationship: Dash and Arthur team up in “Fiddler’s Neck” in a DUKES OF HAZZARD-esque adventure to help save a young girl.

MINORITY REPORT stars Stark Sands (Dash), Meagan Good (Vega), Nick Zano (Arthur), and Laura Regan (Agatha) spoke with reporters about what’s to come in tonight’s new hour…

Stark Sands:


Meagan Good:


Nick Zano:


Laura Regan:


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