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YOU’RE THE WORST Team on a Halloween-Themed Sunday Funday

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Credit: Byron Cohen/FX

Credit: Byron Cohen/FX

It’s Sunday Funday time on YOU’RE THE WORST!

In the show’s first season, the “Sunday Funday” installment was a turning point for the show. The episode featured the entire ensemble together for most of the adventure, which showcased how well they all worked together.

And with a catchy song, and an easily repeatable format, the FXX comedy is taking things up a notch in season 2: it’s a Sunday Funday Halloween.

“We weren’t trying to…revisit what we’re doing, but we liked it, we had a good time with it,” YOU’RE THE WORST creator Stephen Falk explained on the show’s set. “It’s a very easy structure in which to put a show, because then the normal storylines that are happening can be put on top of it…but then we looked and saw what time of year it would be. My fiancee, who is also our head makeup person, was asking us to do a Halloween episode. The two things just clicked…Halloween episodes are dumb, but the idea of watching them go through Sunday Funday again, in costume, was too much to resist.”

On paper, it seems like it’s Edgar’s turn to pick the Sunday Funday, but “it’s kind of a set-up in a way,” Desmin Borges (Edgar) teased. “You think it’s Edgar’s Sunday Funday, but it’s actually someone else’s, and Edgar’s just taking the reins on it…We’re going to have ridiculous costumes at some point. And shit’s going to go batshit crazy. There’s going to be blood and guts and chainsaws, and you might pee on yourself…it could stand alone as a movie.”

For as big as the adventure is, complicating matters is the fact that Gretchen is struggling with her clinical depression — a fact she just revealed to Jimmy.

“Gretchen is not necessarily in the mood for Sunday Funday when she gets thrown into Sunday Funday,” Aya Cash (Gretchen) acknowledged. But as the group heads out on their adventure, “everyone gets to go through some crazy ass shit.”

“Jimmy dealing with his own fears in this one,” Chris Geere (Jimmy) added. “Not only his fears about being completely out of his depth in terms of where they are in terms of his relationship [with Gretchen]…Jimmy’s put in a situation where he might be scared, and you see how [scared of things] he really is…In life, he’s all this bravado and literal bullshit, and he’s put in this situation where he could be scared, and he’s petrified. That was great fun. But he’s very much out of his depth with the Gretchen situation. Both of us are trying to make the relationship work, but at the same time, we’re coming from different places. It’s been the most fun episode, but I think it’ll also be the most poignant. ”

As the group heads to a haunted house in the episode, Kether Donohue (Lindsay) praised the show’s willingness to dive into the theme of the episode.

“The set design is always great on the show, but with this particular episode, I think it gave the set designers a chance to show off their skills and get really creative,” Donohue said. “I felt like I was in Alice in Wonderland the whole time. [And] each character experiences the haunted house is a way that is reflective to the emotional state of their character.”

YOU’RE THE WORST airs Wednesdays at 10:30 PM on FXX.

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