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A MILLION LITTLE THINGS Cast on the Affair Fallout

October 17, 2018 by  

A Million Little Things cast

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS cast – ABC’s “A Million Little Things” stars Allison Miller as Maggie, James Roday as Gary, Grace Park as Katherine, David Giuntoli as Eddie, Stephanie Szostak as Delilah, Ron Livingston as Jon, Christina Ochoa as Ashley, Romany Malco as Rome, and Christina Moses as Regina. (ABC/Matthias Clamer)

ABC’s new drama A MILLION LITTLE THINGS shook up the central friendship group with Jon’s (Ron Livingston) suicide in the first episode, but it wasted no time in dropping the other bombshell on the tight-knight clan: Eddie (David Giuntoli) and Delilah’s (Stephanie Szostak) affair was outed in the third episode.

Everyone, naturally, reacted differently to the news. Eddie’s wife, Katherine (Grace Park), was understandably livid, but she really lost it when she discovered it wasn’t just a physical fling. Gary (James Roday) felt particularly betrayed, upset that Delilah had cheated on his now-deceased friend—and that Eddie had stabbed their “brother” in the back.

“What’s interesting about the show is that we’re throwing a lot of tricky, thematic material at a wall, and you have a very diverse group of adults who are going to deal with these things in very different ways,” Roday says. “The truth is, when something like the affair comes to light, and not everyone is going to feel the same. As they shouldn’t. You get to see all of those colors and all of those different processes. It’s what makes our friend group feel real to me. It’s not like there are secret meetings happening, where the friends take a vote and decide how they’re going to feel about something. Everyone is different.”

Though things got nasty when Delilah and Eddie’s relationship was revealed, “these people are so close, it is a lot like a family,” Allison Miller (Maggie) says. “It’s not a simple thing to say, ‘You messed up. I’m angry at you forever. This is goodbye.’ That’s not really an option with these guys’ relationships. It’s more how long does it take for people to take to deal with it and how fractured is it going to be?”

Currently, one of the biggest questions is what will come of Eddie and Katherine’s relationship. “In reality, if this happened, of course every couple of is going to be different,” Park admits. “For some, it’s an absolute [deal-breaker], and for others, it can be forgiving. What I like about this is you’re not really sure [where they’re going]. On any given episode, I think, ‘Oh, they’ll be together.’ And then I think, ‘There’s no way.’ I really don’t know.”

Things are equally complicated for Delilah and Eddie. “The love is very real between [Delilah and Eddie],” Szostak says. “ But when you’re with somebody and it was a hidden thing and now it’s out in the open, it really changes the dynamic and how you feel about that person. Delilah just lost her husband. Maybe everything that was appealing to her about Eddie is very different now. It’s almost them getting used to this new reality and this new world.”

“They fought this affair for a long time and didn’t want it to happen,” she continues. “They were two people who felt lonely and not heard. They saw each other. They both feel extremely guilty for how much pain they’re causing. Delilah is going to do anything to make sure this secret doesn’t come out to her kids. They already lost their father, and she would feel they would lose their mother, also.”

But the cast—who discovers the show’s twists as they pop up in the scripts—knows to expect anything going forward. “This is like GAME OF THRONES, but with friendship,” Giuntoli jokes.



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