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About Last Night…STRANGER THINGS Season 3

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STRANGER THINGS (Credit: Netflix)

With STRANGER THINGS season 3 dropping on Thursday, July 4, there is a lot to talk about. So read on for a spoiler-filled episode-by-episode breakdown…

Chapter One: Suzie, Do You Copy?: The premiere was always going to be a difficult episode, because not only was the show catching us up—to some degree—on the past year in the characters’ lives, but it was also the first episode in well over a year in real time. It felt like there was a lot of set-up (the Billy possession), and some things worked (yay for the kids being back together) and others…did not. (Oy, Hopper.)

Oh, and a big HELL NO to exploding rats.

Chapter Two: The Mall Rats: Dustin and Steve’s reunion may have been the most adorable thing the show has ever done. It’s kind of sad that Eleven had never gone to a mall or really been allowed to be herself in the time that has passed…and it’s also a downside of having so much time pass between seasons. It’s one thing when Hopper was sheltering her because her existence was dangerous. But now, he’s just in overprotective papa mode and the sheltering is hurting her. But, man, that montage of Max and Eleven just being kids was so sweet.

I really struggled with Hopper the first two episodes, because it felt like there was absolutely no depth to his rage and boorish behavior. He was never Mr. Sunshine, but his pure rage didn’t feel earned or justified.

Chapter Three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard: Robin cracking the code. ROBIN CRACKING THE CODE. Holy moly, Robin for everything; who knew she would be the best part of season 3??

Chapter Four: The Sauna Test: This is the point of the season where the separation of Dustin (and the Scoop Troop team) from the other kids started to bum me out. One of the difficult parts of season 2 was Eleven’s isolation from the kids until the penultimate episode, and they doubled down here. It helps Dustin, Robin, and Steve’s dynamic was so much fun, but it felt isolating at times.

The scene with Nancy and her mother—as she encouraged her daughter to pursue the story—was truly unexpectedly lovely.

The Billy vs. Eleven fight was bonkers. I didn’t rewatch season 2 before watching 3, so there were frequent points where I’d forget that Max and Billy are siblings. Whoops.

I did really love the use of flashbacks, though. It’s only been three seasons, but the kids are young enough that even flashing back to season 1 includes footage of them looking teeny tiny.

Chapter Five: The Flayed: It’s easy to remember Mike, Eleven, Dustin and the kids are genuinely children, but sometimes I forget that Nancy and Jonathan basically are, too. But heck, they more than held their own during the hospital fight. The effects are also crazy good this season. And it feels like the show is leaning a lot more into showing things, which means good effects are vital to not taking us out of the scene.

Chapter Six: E. Pluribus Unum: You know what makes a gross monster even more terrifying? Its ability to basically make itself into slime so it can get into any location.

Erica not believing Lucas was a part of saving the world was great, but I kind of wish the writers hadn’t leaned so heavily into including her. There’s a very thin line of acknowledging someone has become a fan favorite and then leaving into it to the detriment of the character, and it feels like the writers often went with the latter.

As much as it makes sense Hopper and Joyce would stay on their trail to find out what’s going on, being that far from their kids during this life-or-death situation, especially given Will and El’s history, felt a little questionable.

Robin and Steve’s heart to heart while knocked over? PERFECT. They make such a great team. (Even when drugged.)

Mike’s concern over El, frankly, was valid. Yes, Max was correct that El should have control over her own body and powers, but when your ability causes nosebleeds…maybe it’s correct to be concerned?!

Chapter Seven: The Bite: Hey, July 4th on a July 4th drop. I wonder what percentage of people will have made it that far into the season on the first day?

“We all die, my strange little child friend. It’s just a matter of how and when.” – maybe my favorite line of the entire season?

As much as I disliked the kids being separated, Mike and Dustin’s reaction to hearing each other via the radio was lovely.

The New Coke discussion and brand integration fascinated me. I don’t know how intentional it was—and I assume very much so—but I noticed a lot of brands this season. I shouldn’t be wondering whether a company paid for something during important moments.

(RIP Smirnoff. Glad Joyce got a good punch in.)

And, uh, Eleven throwing a car is pretty badass.

Chapter Eight: The Battle of Starcourt: Well, at least Jonathan thought to sterilize the knife before he cut into Eleven’s leg. Ouchhhhhh.

Aw, I’m glad Suzie exists. (Suzie Poo!) I cannot believe there was a full-on musical number in the freaking season finale. Wow.

Hopper and Joyce finally agreeing to go out—right before she thought she killed him? Yikes. Joyce is never going to trust feeling anything for another dude, is she?

I’m glad Billy got to die a hero, but poor Max didn’t need to see that.

I love that three months later, Robin and Steve are still BFFs, looking to work together again. It makes sense Joyce wants to move away, but poor Jonathan being uprooted at that age??

So, is season 4 going to be about Hopper breaking out of the Russian facility and returning to Hawkins or the kids realizing he’s alive and trying to save him?

As a whole, I enjoyed this season. A lot of elements really worked, but the separation, again, frustrated me. It felt like a lot of repeated beats from the end of season 2 (big reunion in the penultimate, hero whom Joyce cares for is sacrificed, they think they’ve saved the day)…but at least nothing felt flat-out awful. (Though, until the epilogue, I did wonder if this was stealth a series finale.)

What did you think of STRANGER THINGS season 3?

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