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SUPERSTORE — “All Sales Final” Episode 615 — Pictured: (l-r) Ben Feldman as Jonah, America Ferrera as Amy — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Let’s talk about Thursday night’s TV!

SUPERSTORE: Oh, SUPERSTORE. This beautiful gem of a show.

I went into the finale worried about how they would wrap things up. It’s not a secret the show was canceled deep into the run and they had to abruptly change from plotting the end of a season to the end of the series. And it ended up being one of my favorite finales, ever.

I was fairly confident Jonah and Amy would reunite, but…they ended up in such a scorched earth place, it felt like it would be nearly impossible for them to get back together in a way that felt satisfying and didn’t betray their history. I don’t know how the team pulled it off, but oh my God, they did. Having Amy back–and really back, not just a one-scene return—meant we got to see them fighting to save the store, her sussing out where he stood, and the month jump ahead meant he got to break up with Hannah and get used to the idea that Amy was quasi-back in his life. I’m also glad that Jonah got to have his moment of saying he wasn’t sure what he wanted…it wasn’t retaliatory, but it’s also not like Amy changed her mind five minutes after their breakup; he should have taken a beat, especially after his entire life was being upended.

I’m actually really thankful we didn’t get the planned proposal in the episode, because, frankly, it wouldn’t have fit/worked as well. The hurt and problems didn’t magically disappear just because they reunited. This way, we saw them make that move, but also jumped to a future where they were married, and had a kid. (Yes, I sobbed when we saw the stars in Parker and Carter’s room. I had been expecting/hoping a “moment of beauty” redux before the show shut down, but loved what they did there so much I was willing to accept not having that pilot callback. But then it was in their kids’ room, and, well, a full-on mess.)

What I was less sure the show would do—but was equally delighted to be proven wrong—was Dina and Garrett’s pairing being their end game. The pure freaking delight in Garrett’s face when Dina proposed they keep seeing each other when the store closed? I died. I’m so happy for them and their growth.

Also, the job interviews as a way to flashback to the characters’ first days? My heartttttt. I loved it so much. And the jump forward! (If the spinoff happens, it’ll be very interesting to see if Cheyenne sticks at her job with Glenn and Mateo or they essentially pull a JOEY and just quasi-undo her SUPERSTORE ending to launch the new show.)

Look, not everything could be tied up. In a perfect world, we would have seen this shutdown happen post-COVID rather than now. We would have gotten more clarification on what would happen with Mateo’s future. I would have loved to have had a full season saying goodbye to this world and these characters. But it’s absolutely extraordinary what the show managed to pull off with its back against the wall. I will miss this world so freaking much.

[For more on the finale: A general finale post-mortem with the EPs and stars; an interview with Ben Feldman; new photos of the last episode.]

GREY’S ANATOMY: I truly have no clue whether I liked this episode, as strange as that sounds. I thought it was visually stunning and I appreciate the swing they took. I thought Amelia telling off Owen was so good, and important, and hopefully will lead to him actually TALKING TO TEDDY SINCE SHE IS THE MOTHER OF HIS CHILD. Kim Raver was great. But I just don’t know if it was something I enjoyed watching. At some point, when I rewatch it, I feel like it might be a bit more clear.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS: I am sure this won’t be popular, but, man, I hope Gary and Darcy can make it work. Gary’s interaction with her son was incredible, and they all deserve to be that happy. But, yikes, that Maggie viral podcast—which she and Jamie spent way too much time debating taking down?!—is going to blow them all up, huh?

Eddie continues to break my heart, and him letting Dakota take the blame for the pills going missing is….just so bad.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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