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The PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS Cast Teases the ‘Wild Ride’ to Find Selene’s MIA Husband

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PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS — Pictured: “Psych 3: This Is Gus” Key Art — (Photo by: Peacock)

The second PSYCH film ended with a double whammy for Gus (Dulé Hill): Selene (Jazmyn Simon), his fiancée, was pregnant and married to another man.

With Gus determined to get married before the baby is born in PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS (streaming on Peacock on Thursday, November 18), “we’re going to pick [up the story] where she’s still pregnant and still married,” Simon says in the video below. “So, we’re going to go on a wild ride and figure out a little bit of Selene’s backstory, and, you know, maybe a wedding? I don’t know, because first she might need to find her current husband.”

Of course, Gus isn’t content to have just any wedding. “They’re putting out there the Gus is ‘the quintessential groomzilla,'” Kirsten Nelson, who plays Chief Vick, teases. “He has to do this, he’s got this, he’s got to do this. Shawn is merely hanging on for dear life in his wake. But he’s very focused. [Gus] is going to be doing this all for his new bae. I like this Gus. He’s still that pharmaceutical guy who knows what needs to be done and it’s going to get done in time…we hope.”

The pressure of the figurative ticking clock starts to get to Gus, who desperately needs to believe this all will work out. “The timing of both are starting to come to a head, because, as we all know, a baby is going to come [when it’s ready],” Hill notes. “And it’s like two trains running towards each other…That’ll be the heightened pressure of time that we’re experiencing…trying to find out what’s going on with Selene. Who is this husband? Can we get [Selene] divorced in time for Gus to marry her before Baby Gus arrives? It’s gonna put Gus into a big old whirlwind, that in the end he’s going to love. Gus, even though he doesn’t admit it, he does kind of like the thrill of the ride.”

However, the personal nature of this investigation does cause friction between Gus and his long-time best friend Shawn (James Roday Rodriguez). While Gus desperately wants this to be resolved, he’s also not willing to cross lines Selene has set…and, well, Shawn gets suspicious of what Selene may be hiding.

“It’s the two forces that create the engine of Shawn coming together in one case,” Roday Rodriguez, who co-wrote the film, acknowledges. “It’s a dream in that he loves going down rabbit holes. He loves messy, twisty, crazy adventures. But he also loves his best friend more than anything. And so, as fun as it is to go on these wild goose chases, this was actually being driven by something very real, which is he’s protective of Gus. He’s protective of his future godchild. And he wants to make sure that this woman is legit and that no harm is going to come to Gus.”

“So Shawn’s got his marching orders; he’s never been more clear,” he continues. “And then Gus…Gus has had a complicated history of romantic relationships. He thinks he’s found his soulmate, and he just wants it to be that. I think he’s being avoidant, but at the same time, he knows that he needs to know the truth. So he’s gonna kick and scream all the way, but he knows that they’re doing the right thing.”

Less okay with the antics is Juliet (Maggie Lawson), Shawn’s wife—who now counts Selene as close friend.

“One of my favorite things about this movie is how they put all the ladies together, and how protective we all are of each other,” Lawson previews. “Juliet finally has a real girlfriend, like a real best friend, and she—as we do [in real life]—is going to protect her at all costs. And I think knowing Shawn and Gus and what they get up to together…there’s this part of her that’s like, ‘Do not go down this road. Let’s respect this person who is Gus’ [almost] wife and soon-to-be mother of his child. And also do not mess up my relationship with my best friend.’ And so I love that they play the dynamic of that so much. You can feel Juliet’s relief that she finally has somebody in the world.”

The family theme continues with Lassiter (Timothy Omundson), who is back to being the SBPD police chief after his stroke…but worried about the toll it’s taking on his loved ones.

“It’s really an extension of what PSYCH 2 was, [where] I said, ‘I want to show this guy, warts and all. I want all aspects of a stroke recovery to be like the real deal,'” says Omundson, whose real-life stroke recovery has inspired Lassie’s storylines in the two film sequels. “I didn’t want to shy away from anything. And this movie deals with the emotional components of all of that.”

Though the story is personal to Omundson, “I didn’t really have to say much to [writers Roday Rodriguez and Steve Franks]; they just kind of naturally, intuitively wrote what they wrote, which is sort of right on par with a lot of what I was going through, personally,” he says. “I like to use the word existential crisis, as he’s trying to figure out who he’s going to be and what he wants to do. And what he’s capable of doing with his new body and his new brain.”

The storyline found Lassiter bonding with Henry (Corbin Bernsen), “which was really great to explore,” Omundson says. “And to have Steve and James there on set with me, it just really got us through that. I trust those guys so much. They know me so well.”

PSYCH 3: THIS IS GUS, Thursday, November 18, Peacock


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