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The DAYS OF OUR LIVES Cast Shares Their Favorite—and Dream—Scenes With Deidre Hall

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Days of Our Lives Deidre Hall favorite scenes

DAYS OF OUR LIVES — “Marlena’s Exorcism” — Pictured: Deidre Hall as Marlena Evans — (Photo by: Gary Null/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

On Friday, May 12th, Deidre Hall celebrates her 5,000th episode of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, now streaming exclusively on Peacock.

Joining the cast in 1976 as Dr. Marlena Evans, Hall has been through everything you’d expect from a daytime drama. She’s been married to five different men, come back to life six times after being presumed dead, was the Salem Stalker serial killer, kept in a gilded cage in Paris, and, of course, been possessed by the devil—twice. She’s the warm-hearted therapist the entire town goes to for advice, half of one of the most dynamic, supportive, and loving supercouples in soap opera history, and the current matriarch of Salem, which is a title she more than deserves after four decades.

Speaking to her cast, we dove into those heartwarming and heartbreaking scenes that have aired over the years and what her co-stars would love to share with her next.

What is your favorite scene that you’ve done with Deidre over the years of working together?

ALISON SWEENEY (Sami Brady): I don’t know how to choose just one. I remember during the storyline when Sami was being executed, Deidre sang a song—it wasn’t in the script—she just had this great idea from her real life, to sing Sami a lullaby. She wrote her own lyrics, which I understand she used to sing to her children. And that has always stayed with me. I sang her version to my kids when they were little. I loved that she customized it… such a creative mom thing to do. And it has always felt [like] such a beautiful thing.

CHANDLER MASSEY (Will Horton): One that comes to mind immediately is the “I think I might be gay” or “Do you think I’m gay?” scenes in Marlena’s townhouse. The height of that storyline—just talking, on the couch in Marlena’s townhouse. That always sticks out to me. I’m really proud of that work and happy I got to do that with her.

ROBERT SCOTT WILSON (Ben Weston/Alex Kiriakis): The possession storyline was really fun. It was nice to be a part of [it], even though she was after my baby. Classic. All of our therapy scenes and just getting that closeness [between characters]…When I was playing Ben, they had developed this rapport and had been through so much and it’s like this fundamental moment because she’s not really supposed to be hugging patients [and does], but it brought them closer.

MARTHA MADISON (Belle Black): There was a scene years ago, where we were just sitting down on a couch eating ice cream, watching a movie. And it was just a normal hanging out with your mom on Movie Night kind of scene. And I don’t know why I love that so much. But I think because they really let us ad-lib a little bit and we were just having fun and being us and I love that scene.

ERIC MARTSOLF (Brady Black): The one thing I was thinking about was when Chad [DiMera] had shot Brady, and I had this random moment with Marlena where she was patching me up or attending to my wound and we spoke about [Marlena being Brady’s mom]. The mother and son bond and I said to her, “I’ve always thought of you as my mother. And always will.”

KYLE LOWDER (Rex Brady/former Brady Black): One of them that really stands out was kind of known as the gray Hulk episode. Marlena gives Brady a gray Hulk [one of his childhood toys] and there are tears shed. It was kind of this acceptance of Brady and Marlena. Even though she’s not his biological mother, there was this acceptance of them being mother and son. And that was a huge turning point. Not just for the characters of Brady and Marlena and their relationship but also Deidre and myself as well.


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Do you have an ideal scene that you’d love to do with Deidre that you haven’t already shot?

SWEENEY: It’s funny, for how much we’ve worked together over the years I feel like there’s lots of scenes left to film between Marlena & Sami. We had the chance to do some funny scenes recently when [head writer] Ron [Carlivati] wrote a funny special episode, that was kinda nice to do something different. I love the relationship between these two. I’d love to do more.

MASSEY: [Will’s] thanked [Marlena] throughout the years for her support, but I’d love it if there’s some sort of mini-storyline or mini-arc where Will makes a grand gesture or helps Marlena out of a tight spot. She’s always there for him, so returning the favor would be pretty cool.

WILSON: I just want to develop more therapy with Alex. That dynamic. I keep going back into that world of Tony Soprano, that dynamic [with his therapist] and how he felt about it. Maybe [Alex] doesn’t feel romantic about her like Tony Soprano did at one point, but who knows, this is daytime. He’s missing a mother figure, she plays that part for him in a different way. Just kidding. I would like to see them explore that more because it goes without saying that Alex still needs more therapy and even though he’s doing a lot better, I think to revisit [those sessions] and start building on it would be ideal.

MADISON: What I would love to see us do is something fun undercover where we’re playing other people and conspiring to do something fun to catch the bad guy or catch someone in the act of doing something. I think it would be fun to be her sidekick.

MARTSOLF: As a way to put the cherry on top of the sundae given Brady’s ridiculous unlucky nature in love, I picture this scene in which he’s finally comfortable with his love life and he’s secure with it and maybe he’s marrying this particular person, and there’s a scene between him and Marlena, where she just holds him and says, “See honey. You just had to wait it out and everyone’s deserving of love.” I think for a long time Brady’s just felt like he’s never gonna find it, so I would love to have that. That scene where she basically looks him in the eye and said, “I told you so. You’re worthy of love, honey, and you’ve achieved it.”

GREG VAUGHAN (Eric Brady): I’ve boo-hooed at her bedside, exercised the devil from her…Everything in the middle is just fun and games…I’m just honored to be in her presence.

In the next piece, Give Me My Remote asks about the best advice Hall has ever given them, showing that not only is her alter-ego a great listener, but the woman behind Dr. Marlena Evans is as well.


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