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THE ROOKIE – “The Squeeze” – Officer Nolan and Celina take on a special case; meanwhile, Monica enlists help to identify her attackers. Elsewhere, Lopez and Harper discover a connection to the trail of crimes. TUESDAY, MAY 14 (9:00-10:00 p.m. EDT) on ABC. Disney/Raymond Liu)

Let’s talk about Tuesday night’s TV!

FBI: I was worried this might be another situation where Jubal’s family was directly involved, but it being his godson was an interesting angle for the show to pursue—still someone he cared about, still someone he’d do nearly anything for, but a much more tenuous bond.

We saw a team member utilize someone they knew for surveillance earlier in the season, but thankfully this go-round went better than OA and Gemma’s friend. Even still, eesh, Joe messed things up, a lot. And it’s depressing that he opted to cut Jubal out of his family’s life because Jubal wouldn’t sweep evidence under the rug. Jubal hiding evidence wouldn’t have actually protected the family, long-term. He’s also…not supposed to hide evidence to protect someone he cares about; Jubal was right.

(Really glad we got a beat of Isobel checking in with Jubal; I hope the show plays with that dynamic more next season.)

THE VOICE: Oh. It hurts. Man, those cuts hurt. And losing so many people close to the finale sucks.

I will say, I really loved Bryan’s energy in his save performance, because he seemed hyper aware this could be his last chance on the stage—and he wanted to have that moment of the crowd singing with him. It was so very, very human.

FBI: INTERNATIONAL: This is not the show’s fault, but, man, it’s a bummer we know Luke is off the show already. Some of the tension is changed because we know they’re not going to magically find Scott and everything is better/back to normal. I understand the nature of the industry, I get these things frequently can’t be hidden, but it’s…a bummer.

That being said, Colin Donnell was so much fun in this world. So different than what I’ve seen him do in ARROW and CHICAGO MED; I’d be thrilled if he sticks around more consistently. (Or even if he just pops in a couple of times a year.)

THE ROOKIE: Okay, I’m really glad the nanny wasn’t, seemingly, (knowingly) involved in the larger conspiracy, because that was a concern. However, still a huge mess.

I really loved the structure and pacing of the episode, as everyone was working on the conspiracy in their own way. (Whether they realized it or not.) Utilizing Smitty as a mole? Incredible. (And plausible.) I’m also really, really, really glad this was a time when Tim opted to be open about what was going on rather than try to save himself solo. He needs the team to get out of this mess. I don’t know how this is going to wrap up and I cannot wait to see it.

And, ugh, Lucy and Tim’s hug broke my heart. I’m so glad they had that moment; they both needed it.

(Also: Very worried about Lucy maaaaybe going back undercover given how close she was to Monica last go-round. But LOL to her having that many UC profiles she’s been managing. I love her.)

FBI: MOST WANTED: Look, did this episode remind me of O(RGANIZED) C(RIME) and THE OC? Yes. We got the mob (a la Dylan McDermott’s L&O character Richard Wheatley, including a scene shot at an infamous location from that show’s pilot), two former L&O:OC guest stars (Michael Raymond-James and Jen Jacob), and, you know, a former star of THE OC (Michael Nouri).

Silly TV brain aside, I can’t decide if I’m entirely out of line to be suspicious of Ethan. It feels like a big name to be a random significant other, no matter how long he lasts. (Okay, this may still fall under the “silly TV brain.”) Ethan seems to be charming! He has a cute dog! Ugh, I hope he doesn’t hurt Hana.

Which shows did you watch last night?

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