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About Last Night…LOVE ISLAND USA

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LOVE ISLAND USA — Episode 624 — Pictured: (l-r) Kaylor Martin, Aaron Evans — (Photo by: Ben Symons/Peacock)

Let’s talk about Sunday night’s TV!


First of all, Kendall deserved more trouble from all of the women given how absolutely gross his behavior was. Yeah, he’s friends with the guys, but this wasn’t even being supportive…it was going above and beyond; basically the devil on their shoulder. (This does not absolve the guys from their own responsibility toward their respective partners. All this does is make him a bad friend to the Villa occupants.) I wish Nicole had seen that for the red flag it was.

The Serena/Kordell/Daia situation is messy, messy, messy. (I cannot believe this is Serena, uh, contained? Not that she wasn’t justified—she was—but she seemed nervous about it.) Kordell’s immaturity and young age are really apparent throughout all of this. He was entitled to explore whatever he wanted with Daia, but, no, he was not respectful toward Serena in Casa. And Daia is a snake. Does she think there weren’t cameras in the Villa?! Kordell at least finally conceded some of what they did, but Daia denying they dry humped…I mean, we saw them in bed together. Serena’s description of what went down in that video was apt. And then the guys made it worse, post-Villa, by telling Serena Kordell was 90 percent interested in her (and that he had told Daia that before they returned)…what are we doing here? That’s not protecting anyone.

The Aaron and Kaylor situation is messy, because, again, without live feeds, it’s unclear how much of what the guys are telling her is a lie. (Especially since we know the guys have lied to protect Kordell.) Aaron and Daniela got very hot and heavy fast, but they got cold almost as fast. So what didn’t we see? Aaron’s saying he loves Kaylor, now, but…mess. (I mean, I’d be shocked if she doesn’t stay with him, though, given how fast she abandoned her technical singlehood. But we’ll see how she reacts to those episodes post-Villa life.)

Ugh, the only ones I really feel bad for as an entire couple unit are JaNa and Kenny. They really had just started to get to know each other pre-Casa and while I get where she’s coming from, I can also understand why he was wary and wanted to explore this new connection, too. I hope the bridge has not entirely been burned, but I don’t blame JaNa if she’s really done.

(The Casa women being so angry the Villa women were annoyed…man, they’re just lucky the Villa women didn’t see the actual episodes. They should have been more livid at several of them. And the men.)

Which shows did you watch last night?

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