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Grey’s Anatomy Recap: “The Name of the Game” (Contains Spoilers)

April 2, 2006 by  

greysanatomy.jpgMeredith has taken up knitting as a means of stopping herself from sleeping with men.  I’m prediciting the girl could cloth half of Alaska by next month. I’m not saying she’s loose, but…ok, I am.  The knitting was a suggestion from Izzie, who also replaced sex with knitting.  But in her case, Izzie can’t have sex with whom she wants, because for Izzie & Denny: sex=death.  That kinda sucks.

The one person who might be having sex soon is George. Things with him and Callie seem to be going well.  They are double dating with Burke & Cristina, which is kind of adorable.  The two couples play fishbowl (one of my favorite games – Cappy the dead dog RIP) and Cristina becomes very competitive -shocker!!!

Cristina’s always present competitive streak extends into a surgical lecture she is taking.  To brush up on his skills, the Chief is also taking the class. After nailing one of the first procedures, Cristina gets all cocky because she beat the Chief.  Slow down there Yang, the Chief is the Chief for a reason. Now sit your cocky 1st year surgical intern ass down and let the man show you something.  The Chief does not disappoint.  He pulls off a difficult surgical procedure with his eyes closed.  No, literally with his eyes closed.  Put that in your surgical mask and smoke it Yang.

So the knitting may be a substitution for sex with Denny, but Izzie is having a different man issue tonight.  She is missing her little buddy George – big time.  Izzie decides that grilling Callie is the way to go.  Um…nope.  Callie doesn’t appreciate Izzie’s snide comments, nor Meredith’s existence on this earth.  Our little George makes Callie’s world stop, and she doesn’t like when people talk about him behind his back.  As Izzie put it – George is Callie’s McDreamy…awww!!
Elsewhere in the hospital, Jackie from Roseanne is dying of cancer, and being attented to by Burke and a cold and bitter Alex.  Just as Meredith broke George, Izzie has apparently broken Alex.  He has become a complete ass, or at least more of an ass than he normally is. Alex has adapted a no holds barred attitude when it comes telling the truth to patients.  Burke isn’t pleased, but Alex doesn’t seem to care, as telling the truth is the only good thing he’s good at. Um, WRONG, he’s good at wearing that lab coat too…and not wearing that lab coat. In the end, it’s Alex’s bedside manner, or lack thereof that is the catalyst to get Jackie to tell her teenage daughter that she is dying.  It was a bonding monent, and very touching, yet strangely I didn’t cry.  God I am a cold hearted bitch these days. Anyway, back to the drama-filled Seattle Grace…

As it turns out, Meredith seems to have a whole family she didn’t really know about.  Meredith’s half sister is admitted to the hospital as her unborn baby is having some issues.  As it turns out, Meredith has two sisters, and a stepmother (who lost her virginity to Rob Lowe – and if you don’t get the reference, then you are young and I am  Thatcher Grey is very proud of his daughters. A real father of the year. It was really sad to watch Meredith hear about her father’s other family.  I actually felt for her.  Am I starting to like Meredith again? 

During a brief yet akward conversation with the Chief, Thatcher is informed of Ellis’s alzheimers and the difficult times Meredith has gone through.  This prompts Thatcher to talk to George about what Meredith is like. Ellis broke Thatcher’s heart, and she became very cold, and it’s important for him to know what Meredith is like as a person.  Despite his ill will as of late, George has kind things to say about Mere, who is hiding around the corner listening to the conversation. 

Dr. Bailey thinks the Chief is coddling her by not putting her on any surgeries.  Itching to get into the OR, Bailey assists McDreamy with a brain tumor removal.  Bailey is shocked to see that the patient is just a 7th grader.  The boy, who is awake and talking with Bailey throughout the surgery, hit a rough spot during the operation.  He’s fine, but Bailey was shaken.  Being a mother has changed her, and she can’t deny it, no matter how hard she tries.

Being a competitive bitch is what Cristina does well, and the girl always gets what she wants.  She wants George out of the apartment, and to do it, she takes some advice from the Chief and gets back to basics.  Cristina’s basics include walking around the apartment naked.  This is all it takes for Burke to kick George out.

George heads to the hospital, I think to look for Callie.  But he calls her instead, and finds out that Callie, in fact, lives at the hospital. She insists that she’s not crazy or anything.  Thanks for the clarification, but I’ll be the judge of that.  For now, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but only because she’s making Georgie Porgie forget about Meredith.  Geroge asks Callie to cut his hair, but they kiss instead!! YAY!!

Chris O'Donnell Grey's AnatomyShe-Shepherd and He-Shepherd have asked their new BFF, Meredith, to take their dog to the vet.  Just as Meredith is knitting away, trying feverishly totransform her hormones into scarves and sweaters, the vet arrives.  McDreamy move over, there is a new hottie in town – my personal kryptonite CHRIS O’DONNELL!!!  Meredith throw down the damn knitting needles and jump on this man. STAT!!!!



There were some classic lines in tonight’s episode..most all delivered by Meredith:

Meredith (to McDreamy & Joe): I’m practicing celebicy, and drinking doesn’t go well with celebicy because it makes everything and everyone seem kind of porny and then my head gets all cloudy and then the next thing ya know I’m naked…

Meredith: Every guy I meet turns out to be married:
Derek: Ow, ouch
Meredith: Sorry..or Mark.
Addison: Oh, ok I gotta go over there now.
Meredith: Sorry.  Or remember the horrible thing I did?  Remember George?
Derek: You’re making a sweater
Meredith: I’m making a sweater

Cristina: I’ve got to get George out of my apartment
Meredith: You know, you could always sleep with him, and then right in the middle, start crying.  It’s painful and humiliating, and unbelievable cruel, but apparently it works.

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8 Responses to “Grey’s Anatomy Recap: “The Name of the Game” (Contains Spoilers)”

  1. Angie on April 2nd, 2006 11:50 pm

    Just wanted to say thanks for the recap…my stupid time is messed up on my tivo so i didn’t catch the end of the show! dude, chris o’donnell, for real!?!? i’m pumped about that…he’s a hottie! anyways, thanks again…and luv the sarcasm! 🙂

  2. GMMR on April 2nd, 2006 11:56 pm

    Thanks Angie. Comments like that make these recaps worth doing every week.

  3. kk on April 3rd, 2006 8:16 am

    Thanks so much for the recap!! You’re doing a fabulous job of getting these up so soon after the eps are finished! Keep up the good work!!

  4. tiff on April 3rd, 2006 11:53 am

    great recap, we should compare notes!

  5. Lisa Ayala on April 3rd, 2006 5:51 pm

    Love the Rob Lowe/Mare Winningham reference!!!

    Yes, I’m old enough to remember it and I’m proud!!!

  6. GMMR on April 3rd, 2006 5:56 pm

    Love it Lisa. Yeah, since when is Wendy Beamish old enough to have grandchildren? I mean Jules and Kutcher are just starting their family…lol

  7. index on April 5th, 2006 4:06 pm

    GMMR, since i noticed that you’re Cris O’Donnell’s bitch,yeah we have one thing in common,here’s a link to some episode stills for April 30 episode.Drool over! (“in a small voice”,ive been doing it since this morning)A good thank you to surgical gallery for that High-Res pics of CO’D.Before i forget,nice recap by the way…Of course we know, that sweater Meredith was knitting will never ever be finish..Drop the panties now Mere!

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