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Sneak Peek at Tonight’s American Idol Play List

April 11, 2006 by  

American Idol

USA Today gives us a sneak peek at what the American Idol finalists will be singing tonight. Just for the record, I don’t know who came up with “Queen” night, but seriously, they need to be fired. The judges always talk about how the contestants should sing to their audience, and then they have Queen night. I find it a bit odd.

Ace Young, We Will Rock You: “I urbanized the verses a little, just by riding on (the notes). I put a little R&B soul on it. When we were done, they said, ‘That sounds like a record.’ ”

Bucky Covington, Fat Bottomed Girls: “Yes, we all love the fat-bottomed girls.”

Chris Daughtry, Innuendo: “It’s a relatively unknown song. It just had a mixture of a dark feel and a positive message. And I just found out they’ve never performed this live.”

Elliott Yamin, Somebody to Love: “I was drawn to the passionate emotion of the song. I heard a lot of soul in it.”

Katharine McPhee, Who Wants to Live Forever: “How could (this) not be fun? We’re working with so many different legends.”

Kellie Pickler, Bohemian Rhapsody: “We only have 1 minute and 30 seconds, and the song is really long. Having to cut so many pieces is really hard to memorize, because I’m not singing the song as it’s originally played.”

Paris Bennett, The Show Must Go On: “Being with the band was a big experience to me, never being with a rock band before. I was able to pick a song that fits me, that’s still rocky.”

Taylor Hicks, Crazy Little Thing Called Love: “You listen to a Queen song, it’s really melodic and very powerful, and the dynamics (are) really cool.”

Um, Pickles is going Bohemian Rhapsody? Yeah, that should be interesting. I’m going to be working late tonight, and probably won’t have much to say about Idol, so it’s a good thing I know the best site to discuss all things American Idol…it’s Idol Chatter. And no, not that cheesy USA Today rip off site…the original Idol Chatter.

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