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CALIFORNICATION: Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills

November 19, 2008 by  

Ok Californicationfans – where you be?  Step it up…we want to hear from you.  What was your take on this week’s episode?  Let Sarah know your thought.

Over to you Sarah…

Are you feeling bad for Hank right now? I did after Sunday’s episode of Californication. How can you hate the guy, even with his impulsive and self destructive ways? It looks like his ladies are carrying on with out him and his new roommate is someone he can’t even trust.

In the new episode Karen and Lew shared a shocking kiss while Runkle went down the wrong path again. Janie Jones finally met up with Hank and Marcy took off to rehab, or so we thought!

Digging into Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills the episode opened with Mia’s horrible attempt at serenading Lew Ashby. What a mess, but very funny. These two are still involved in a sick and twisted romance. With nothing in common things are sure to get messy fast and I just can’t wait to see just how vindictive she gets when things don’t go her way! It would only be Mia’s nasty style to throw Hank and Lew under the bus one after the other, and I’m guessing it has to be with Karen.

Hank has finally scored an afternoon poolside with Janie Jones. Before his departure to their informal meeting, Lew tells Moody he will cut him with a razor if he touches her. What a hypocrite?! Still researching for Lew’s biography Hank and Janie discuss the divorce and the rock star’s lifestyle that made her give up.

The meeting is cut short when Ron, Janie’s husband, returns home. This guy is a definite jerk and is plenty overbearing and controlling.

Hank ends up hiding out in the cabana where he meets the couple’s maid while urinating in their sink! Classy move! And the best part was his attempt at speaking Spanish. Rambling on and on Hank ends up makes an ass out of himself before she turns into Hank’s conquest of the week! Does he ever hear no? After their short sexual escapade Hank pulls the usual and comes to the maids rescue with big boss Ron. The lord of the manor has been making Rosario perform duties that just aren’t in her job description. Our Knight and shining armor, hopped up on a little wacky weed, comes to the ladies aid by threatening Ron. And what does Moody get for peeing in a sink, smoking pot and having sex with the maid? A date with Janie Jones! Only in Moody’s world. Yes, she’ll only see him again if he asks her out.

Meanwhile the Runkle’s are parting ways for a short while. Cokey Smurf is going to her mother’s so that she can tame her wild ways and her major cocaine issues. Before the cab takes her away she turns down Charlie’s offer to drive her to the airport. Marcy thinks Charlie needs to stick around and take care of things and Daisy! Is she still on the coke? With Runkle’s past indiscretions I would say leaving him with a porn star would be a very bad idea. Inevitably the pair hook-up.

I don’t know about you but the highlight of the show for me was the quick and unexpected kiss shared between Karen and Lew. After discovering that Lew was the older man in Mia’s life Karen marched over there to set him straight. She also takes a hilarious tumble down the staircase! Trying to help her after, and pretty close to letting Karen in on the one night hook-up between Mia and Hank, Lew kisses Moody’s women! For a split second Karen looks like she enjoyed it! Talk about a turn of events.

In the close of the episode Karen decides to share just an inkling of her afternoon with Hank. With surprise written all over Hank’s face Karen leaves him holding dinner he brought over for his girls. Becca and Karen have plans of their own and they don’t include waiting around for Hank.

What do you think about Karen’s kiss with Lew? Is this the start of a new chapter on Californication? Has Hank officially lost his family?

Don’t forget to watch next week when Hank and Karen have dates with Lew and Janie Jones.

— posted by Sarah

Sarah is from Massachusetts and currently writes for several TV and music websites. She loves Smallville, Heroes, Everwood, and of course Californication.

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4 Responses to “CALIFORNICATION: Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills”

  1. Patty on November 19th, 2008 1:29 pm

    I watch this – on DVD. Sad to say I am too cheap for premium cable. But I do read the recaps. I just don’t fell I can comment until I hav actually seen the show.

  2. Erik on November 19th, 2008 3:59 pm

    Nice recap Sarah!

    I put this episode of Californication alongside most of Entourage’s second season. Harmless fun, with a slew of inappropriate conduct and risky social behavior. We were certainly not delving very deeply into the Moody family’s deeper issues this week, as evidenced by Hank’s temporary relief into the Jones’ sink.

    The only issue I have had with this show since Episode 1 has been its obsession with its older male stars having flings with attractive young women. I understand it is a problem for all of Hollywood, but I think Californication is one of the worst offenders in all of show business. Did we really need to see Charlie with a drug addicted porn star? Really?

  3. sarah on November 19th, 2008 11:33 pm

    Thanks Erik!

    I have to agree with you on the Charlie scenario. And I’m still waiting for Moody to hear “no” just once! It would be refreshing and realistic!

  4. chandaxi on October 15th, 2009 1:55 pm

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